Orthopedic Surgery

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  1. An abnormal thoracic curve of the spine resulting in the pathology referred to as "hunchback" is called:
  2. The complete displacement of a joint is referred to as a/an:
  3. A cyst in the popliteal fossa is called a/an:
    Baker's cyst
  4. The medical term for a bunion is:
    Hallux valgus
  5. Plaster rolls for casting should be submerged in:
    Slightly warm
  6. A fractured metacarpal would require a:
    Short arm cast
  7. Which of the following terms describes a fracture in which the bone penetrates that skin?
  8. A Putti-Platt procedure is performed on the:
  9. A fracture of the neck of the femur would require a/an:
    Cannulated screw
  10. A bucket-handle tear in the medial cartilage of the knee is repaired by performing which of the following?
  11. A surgical procedure in which a joint is fused to prevent movement is called a/an:
  12. The procedure in which the attenuated anterior capsule of the shoulder is reattached to the rim of the glenoid fossa with sutures is called a/an:
  13. A Keller arthroplasty or McBride procedure is performed to treat:
  14. The procedure in which the ulnar nerve is moved from the ulnar groove position on the posterior of the humerus to the anterior of the humeral condyle is called a/an:
  15. Which of the following procedures would require the postoperative use of an abduction splint?
    Total hip arthroplasty
  16. Which of the following surgical instruments would be used to retract the muscles during a hip pinning?
    Bennett retractor
  17. Which of the following anatomical structures is the best site for the removal of cortical bone for grafting purposes?
  18. Methyl methacrylate would most likely be used on which of the following procedures?
    Total knee arthroplasty
  19. How is the patient positioned for a knee arthroscopy?
    Supine, knee at lower break of OR table
  20. Which of the following is not a type of interlocking nail used for a closed intramedullary nailing?
    Austin Moore
  21. Luque rods are used for:
    Spinal deformities
  22. A dorsally angulated fracture of the distal radius is called a/an:
    Colles' fracture
  23. Which of the following conditions would be cause for the patient to undergo a total hip arthroplasty?
  24. Femoral shaft fractures in an adult can be repaired by:
    Compression plating
  25. Colles' fracture is often treated by:
    Closed reduction
  26. Intertrochanteric fractures most often occur in which age population?
  27. A Neer prosthesis is used for repair of comminuted fractures of the:
    Humeral head
  28. A fracture of the femoral shaft would require a/an:
    Hip spica cast
  29. What procedure is performed to correct talipes valgus or talipes varus?
    Triple arthrodesis
  30. What surgical instrument is used to prepare the drilled hole for the screw during an ORIF?
  31. Which type of laser is used to remove methyl methacrylate from a cemented joint implant during a revision arthroplasty?
    Carbon dioxide
  32. What surgical procedure is performed to relieve pressure on the median nerve?
    Carpal tunnel release
  33. What specialized type of retractors is used during a rotator cuff repair that aids in exposure of the surgical site?
  34. What item should be available during a total hip arthroplasty to be inserted into the reamed femoral canal that will prevent methyl methacrylate from entering the medullary canal?
    Cement restrictor
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