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    • Seurat
    • A Sunday a La Grande Jatte
    • 1884-1886
  2. Pointillism
    A system of painting invented by George Seurat in the 19th century. The artist seperate color into its component parts and then applies the component colors to the canvas in tiny dots (points) The image becomes comprehensible only from a distance, when the viewers eyes optically blend the pigments
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    • Cezanne
    • Mont Sainte-Victoire
    • 1902-1904
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    • Cezanne
    • The Basket of Apples
    • C. 1895
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    • Matisse
    • Woman with the Hat
    • 1905
  6. Fauvism
    Earlly 20th century art movement led by Matisse. For the Fauves color became the formal element most responsible for pictoral coherrence and the primary conveyor of meaning
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    • Matisse
    • (Red Room) Harmony in Red
    • 1908-1909
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    • Kirchner
    • Street, Dresden
    • 1908
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