Plastic & Reconstruction

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  1. The layers of skin included in a full-thickness skin graft is:
    Epidermis & dermis
  2. The degree of burn that destroys all layers of the skin & includes subcutaneous tissue is:
  3. Microtia refers to:
    Absence of auricle
  4. Syndactyly refers to:
    Webbed digits
  5. The medical term thytidectomy refers to a:
  6. What degree of burn is the common sunburn?
  7. The medical term for charred & pearly-white appearance of tissue damaged by a third-degree burn is:
  8. According to the Rule of Nines, what percentage is assigned to the front & back of the trunk of the body?
  9. The pathology characterized by contraction of the palmar fascia is:
    Dupuytren's disease
  10. The medical term that refers to the abnormal enlargement of the male breast is:
  11. The device used to expand the size of a split- thickness skin graft is a/an:
    Mesh graft
  12. The sterile liquid placed on the donor skin site as a lubricant when a split-thickness skin graft is taken is:
    Mineral oil
  13. During a repair of cheiloschisis, the procedure in which tissue from the cheek is used to cover the defect is:
    Rotational advancement cheiloplasty
  14. During surgery for De Quervain's disease, the tendons are released by cutting the:
    Dorsal carpal ligament
  15. After debridement of the stump & severed digit during replantation surgery, the next step is:
    Bone-to-bone attachment
  16. During a pedicle flap mammoplasty reconstruction, a commonly used muscle is the:
    Transverse rectus abdominis
  17. The term mentoplasty refers to plastic surgery of the:
  18. When performing a rhinoplasty, the hump in the nose is removed with a/an:
  19. The four agents mixed together for injecting during a tumescent liposuction are:
    Local anesthetic, epinephrine, Wydase, saline
  20. The initial incision for an abdominoplasty is a/an:
    Low transverse
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