Heart Failure w/ Afib

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  1. Which cardiac dysrhythmia is bert most likely experiencing?
    Atrial Fibrillation

    Commonly occurs in heart failure. Multiple areas in the atria initiate rapid, irregular stimuli, which results in the inability to see clear P waves on the ECG recording. Some, but not all, of these electrical impulses travel through the AV node, causing an irregular ventricular response. This appears as irregular QRS complexes on the ECG recording and manifests as an irregular pulse rhythm when assessing the client.
  2. Based on Bert's cardiac dysrhythmia, which action should the nurse implement first?
    Administer a prescribed stat dose of digoxin (lanoxin)

    If a dose of dig has already been prescribed, it should be administered before taking further action. Dig slows the HR and increases the force of the heart's contraction, which is very useful in the treatment of Bert's type of cardiac dysrhythmia
  3. Which of these diagnostic tests is used to measure the pressure within the right atrium?
    Pulmonary artery catheterization

    used in the management of acutely ill clients in the critical care setting. catheterization allows measurement of the pressures within the right atrium and pulmonary artery, which then guides treatment
  4. Which assessment is most important for the nurses to perform prior to the administration of captopril (capoten)?
    Blood Pressure

    ACE Inhibitor
  5. The nurse explains to Bert that Docusate sodium (colace) has been prescribed for what purpose?
    Prevent straining during bowel movement
  6. The nurse assesses for which expected outcome of digoxin (lanoxin) therapy?
    Serum digoxin level of 1.0 ng/ml

  7. Which nursing diagnosis should be included in the plan of care?
    Impaired gas exchange

    due to fluid in lungs
  8. Which intervention should be implemented based on the diagnosis of activity intolerance?
    encourage frequent rest periods
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