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  1. Alfred Adler
    psychodynamic theorist who suggested that the main source of motivation is striving for superiority
  2. Mary Ainsworth
    Place human infants into a "strange situation" in order to examine their attacment to parents
  3. Nancy Andreasen
    Proposed classifying schizophrenia into two subtypes, based on the predominance of positive vs. negative symptoms
  4. Albert Bandura
    Proposed observational learning theory (modeling), reciprocal determinism, self-efficacy

    "BoBo doll"
  5. Noam Chomsky
    Proposed the critical-period hypothessis for language acquistion
  6. Erik Erikson
    Proposed eight stages of psycosocial development
  7. Hans Eysenck
    Emphasized the role of genetics in personality development
  8. Leon Festinger
    Proposed the theory of congnitive dissonance to as aan explanation for attitude change
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