MH 30 Chap 12

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  1. Training
    • Specific instructions or actions used to improve skills.
    • Ex. - Written, practical driving test
  2. Development
    Progression in a particular field due to experience.

    Ex. - Athlete develops or progresses based on his experience in his field
  3. A general description and introduction of what may be expected of you
  4. Agenda
    A To-Do List. A list or plan of things to do.
  5. Support Staff
    Security Guards, Janitors, culinary workers (chefs, cooks) etc...people who contribute to help keep the organization functioning even though they don't directly interact with the client
  6. Indigenous nonprofessional
    People who lack the formal training of profession, however they have life experience or culture identification to assist their ability to do the specific job

    Ex. - Baseball player, Menchanic- Good hand-eye coordination, great spatial
  7. What are the 3 Steps in Developing an In-Service Training Curriculum
    • 1. Indentifying Training Needs
    • 2. Developing Learning Objectives
    • 3. Monitoring and Evaluating the Overall Training Programs
  8. What are the 4 Steps in "Developing Training Courses or Modules"
    • 1. Defining Learning Objectives
    • 2. Identifying Content to Be Covered
    • 3. Specifying Teaching and Training Methods
    • 4. Designing Evaluation Instruments
  9. Training can be evaluated in terms of trainee reaction, trainee learning, training peformance, or reults achieved on the job.
    Designing Evaluation Instuments
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