Nutrition notes

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  1. What are the 3 big ideas for Endocrine?
    • Endocrine is a system of a complex relationships. Always support the whole as well as the parts.
    • Respect the endocrine individuality of each person.
    • Always address the foundations first.
  2. 5 classes of lipid and water soluble hormones & identify components of each?
    • Lipid Soluble: Steroid hormones (derived from cholesterol); Thryoid hormones (iodine atoms + tyrosine)
    • Water Soluble: Amines (modified amino acids); Peptides and Proteins (chains of amino acids); Eicosanoids (derived from
    • fatty acids)
  3. Describe how each of the foundations supports the Endocrine system.
    • Digestion~ Nutrients can only be optimally assimilated from digestion working properly from north to south
    • Mineral Balance ~Every endocrine organ has a particular mineral that on which it is particularly independent: Thyroid/Iodine, Prostate/Zinc, Pituitary/manganese, Pancreas/chromium, Gonads/selenium, Adrenals/copper.
    • Fatty Acids ~ EFAs & other fats are critical to the entire endocrine system. The body cannot make hormones w/o fats. Endocrine factories are inside the cells and phospholipids in and out of the cell. A healthy cell membrane is also needed for the cellular/hormonal communication to take place.
    • Hydration ~ supports the efficient transport of hormones throughout the body. Hydration ensures proper viscosity of the blood and interstitial fluids.
    • Blood Sugar Regulation: any attempt to normalize hormonal imbalances is futile until blood sugar/adrenal issues are addressed.
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