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  1. whic of the following is responsible for setting local telephone and electric utility rates in the state of Texas?
    Public Utility Commission
  2. which of the following is the state's chief tax administrator and accountant?
    secretary of state
  3. which of the following state officials is required by the Texas constitution to estimate state revenues for the upcoming two year budget cycle at the beginning of each legislative session?
  4. who calls special legislative sessions in Texas?
    only the governor can call a special session
  5. who decides what the legislature addresses during a special session?
    the governor sets the agenda for special sessions
  6. an individual charged with a serious felony offense, such as sexual assault or robbery, would be tried in which of the following Texas courts?
    municial court
  7. compared to other states, how is the crime rate in Texas?
    the crime rate in Texas is higher than the national average
  8. criminologists give which of the following explanations for the recent decline in the crime rate?
    prison expansion, high tech crime fighting tools, better police work, and zero tolerance
  9. How can the burden of proof in a criminal case best be described?
    the prosecution must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt
  10. the procedure in which the criminal agrees to plead guilty in order to recieve punishment less than the maximum for an offense is known by which of the following terms?
    plea bargaining
  11. when was Texas' first capital punishment law enforced?
  12. which of the following actions would take place in an appeals process?
    a panel of judges ruling on a point of law
  13. which of the following best describes the mission of the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR)
    the UCR records offenses known to the police compiled by the FBI from reports submitted by local law enforcement agencies
  14. which of the following best describes the mission of the National Crime Victim Survey?
    the NCVS measures the incidence of crime in the US based on interviews with people in more than 50,000 households
  15. which of the following courts has the power to reverse a decision of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals?
    US Supreme Court
  16. which of the following courts is the highest appellate court in the state of Texas for civil cases?
    Texas Supreme Court
  17. which of the following courts is the highest appellate court in Texas for criminal cases?
    Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
  18. Which of the following describes an arraignment?
    a judicial proceeding at which a suspect is formally charged with a crime and asked to enter a plea
  19. which of the following describes an indictment?
    a formal accusation chargin an individual with the commission of a crime
  20. which of the following best describes probable cause?
    the reasonable belief that a crime has been committed and that a particular suspect is the likely perpetrator of that crime
  21. which of the following events could NEVER happen in a civil case?
    the judge sentences the defendant to 5 years in prison
  22. which of the following groups of people are more frequently victims of crime?
    low-income, renters, and racial ethnic minorities
  23. which of the following is the best example of a tort case?
    a woman files suit after being injured in an automobile accident
  24. which of the following is the main source of tax revenue for county government in Texas?
    property taxes
  25. which of the following in the most important source of tax revenues for city governments in Texas?
    sales tax
  26. which of the following is TRUE about county government in Texas?
    all counties in Texas have the same basic governmental structures
  27. which of the following county officials maintains legal records for district courts located in the county?
    district clerk
  28. which of the following factors played the most important role in the elimination of at large election systems in many Texas cities?
    the application of the Federal Voting Rights Act to city elections
  29. which of the following is the best example of an allocational urban policy?
    the city provides police protection to residents
  30. the XYZ corporation is planning to relocate. City officials in a major Texas city promise corporation managers that if they relocate their firm to the Texas city, that city government will widen streets, improve street lighting, and offer added police protection in the area the corporation is considering. this offer is an example of which of the following types of urban policy?
  31. which form of city government is the traditional form of big city government in America and still found in most of the nation's largest cities?
    mayor-council form (strong mayor)
  32. which of the following county officials collect fees for automobile license plates?
    tax assessor-collector
  33. The county commissioner's court consists of which of the following officials?
    the county judge and the four county commissioners
  34. the authority of a city to require conformity with city ordinances and regulations affecting streets, parks, alleys, utility, etc up to five miles beyond city limits can be classified by which of the following terms?/
    extraterritorial jurisdiction
  35. which of the following county officals assists the sherrif by serving arrest warrants and subpoenas
  36. In the mayor-council form of city government, strong mayor variation, who manages city departments, such as the fire and police departments?
  37. Independent school districts raise most of their funds through which of the following means?
    property taxes
  38. Shadows Forest is a subdivision of 300 people located in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of one of the state's largest cities. can Shadows Forest incorporate?
    No, cities cannot incorporate into another city's ETJ
  39. An individual has been charged with aggravated assault, a serious criminal offense. An attorney representing who would be assigned the case?
    District Attorney
  40. in the manager form of city government, policy implementation is the primary responsibility of which of the following officials?
    city manager
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