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  1. The highest French Courts
    Parlements, Estates General
  2. Author of The Republic who left the legacy of absolute monarchy
    Jean Bodin
  3. Briliant calvary officer who executed Charles I ans set up a military dicatorship in England
    oliver cromwell
  4. 1st Stuart king of England
    James I
  5. Advocated a 'contract theory of governemtn in his book Leviathan
    Thomas Hobbes
  6. Last great religious war fought in Europe
    30 years war
  7. The masterful king of Sweden who rescued the Protestant cause in the 30 years War
    Gustavus Adolphis
  8. Emerged as the strongest country in Europe after the 30 years War
  9. Duth monarchs asked to come assume the throne in England after James II
    William of Orange/Mary
  10. First 2 political parties in England
    Torries and Whigs
  11. Language used for diplomacy and polite conversation throughtou Europe in the 17th century
  12. Nickname for Lous XIV
    Sun King
  13. His Two treatises on civil government espoused the natural rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness
    John Locke
  14. Prussian haven for religious refugees ruled by Frederick William of Hohenzollern
  15. 2 Greatest minds of the Scientific Revolution
    Robert Bacon, Rene Descartes
  16. A combination of careful observation and controlled experiments with rational interpretation of results
    Scientific method
  17. New age of reason and knowledge that came after a long night of darkenss, ignorance, and superstition
  18. A belief in God as Creator but not Redeemer
  19. Brothers who left the Anglican church to start Methodism
  20. Russian whip used to crush revolts
  21. Stock market crash of 1719-20
  22. Conquest of this Austrian province led to the War of Austrian Succession
  23. Last of the 3 great Hohenzollerns
    Fredrick II
  24. The brillian financial advisor to Louis XIV
    Jean-Baptiste Colbert
  25. After Cromwell, what was NOT restored in England
    Catholic Church
  26. Which document prevented the English king from levying taxes without consent and outlawed arbritary imprisonment
    Petition of Right
  27. Oliver Cromwell's written constitution was called
    Instruments of Government
  28. Monarch was assisnated by a Ctholic fanatic in 1610
    Henry IV
  29. The war of spanish succession was fought
    to keep spain out of french hands
  30. loius did not
    increase frances treasury
  31. what ended the war of spanish succession
    peace of utrecht
  32. The prime minister of england emerged from
    the cabinet
  33. the religious effect of the glorious revolution was the
    toleract act of 1689
  34. which monarch first tried to westernize russia
    peter the great
  35. who was the last ruler of sweden before it was divided among denmark russia and prussia
    charles XII
  36. sir isaac newton is credited with all of these except
    wrote sprit of the laws
  37. all of these describe the baroque period except
  38. not popular in france
  39. who brought political stability to england in the 18th century
  40. directed britain against the french in the 7 years war
  41. who tried to govern without a first minister but failed
    loius xv
  42. the most remarkable woman ruler was
    catherine the great
  43. what ended the war of austrian succession
    peace of hubertusberg
  44. what ended the 7 years war
    peace of paris
  45. the architect of the diplomatic revolution was
  46. Brillian calvary officerexecuted Charles I and set up a military dicatorship in england
  47. He created the contract theory of government in his book leviathoan
  48. Thiswas the last great religious war in Eruope
    30 years war
  49. which country emergedas the strongest country in Europe after the 30 years war
  50. name the first 2 politcal parties in england
    whigs and torries
  51. what the loius XIV nickname
    sun king
  52. name the new age of reason and knowledge that came after a long night of darkness ignorance and superstitaion
  53. a belief in God as creator but not as a reedeemer is called what
  54. whtich war was ended with the Treaty of Westphalia
    30 years war
  55. who finally won the 30 years war
  56. ruler of france; saved protestants, founded french absolute monarchy
  57. what was the name of the elaborate palace buitl by Louis XIV
  58. This man wrote spirit of the laws discovered gravity
  59. This popular style was characterized but odd architecture
  60. name the three most enlightened absolutists of the 18th centyr
    catherine, joshph II Frederick the great
  61. who was the most remarkable woman ruler of the 18th century
  62. which country was la grande nation
  63. this was discovered in the nile delta and help decipher hieroglyphics
    rossetta stone
  64. the culmination of the age of steam was th application of coal poewr to was
  65. what invention revitalized slavery in the american south
    cotton gin
  66. the congress of Vienna met in 1814 to return a balance of power to europe after the defeat of whom
    napolean france
  67. name the 5 countries at the congress of vienna
    russia france england prussia austria
  68. the unification of germany was a strugle between which two powers
    austria and prussia
  69. which man led the fight in britian agaistn slavery
  70. which us president bought louisiana from napolean
  71. name the largest battle fought in the us to this day
  72. after which battle did lincold issue the emancipation proclomation
  73. which country became the first non0western world power
  74. who were the king and queen of france at the beginning of the french revolution
    marie antioinette
  75. what is the name given to the economic system that stressed the romval of artificial restraints
    lassaiz faire
  76. the group durin the french revo called eachothercitizen
  77. who was the leader of this group
  78. the common people of france were called
    third estate
  79. the 1st industrial revolution involved what 3 industries
    cotton iron coal
  80. the 2nd industrial revolution
    chemicals steel elecricity internal combustion
  81. what was the symbol of 1st
    steam engine
  82. this man expounded the ideas of survival of fittest
  83. this german jew introduced the concept of proletarat...communist manifesto
  84. the boers were orginally from which euro country
  85. where id the boers settle
    south africa
  86. longest ruling british monarch
    queen viky
  87. the two great antagonists
    disrael and gladstone
  88. french jew accused of selling war planes to germany
  89. educated russian minority produced some the 19th centruy great lit
  90. war fought in south africa
    boer war
    theodore roose
  92. forces of accident, error
  93. german general eastern
  94. prime minister of britaint during ww1
    lloyd george
  95. us army in france commander
    john blackjack pershing
  96. extremetly democratic constitution of germany
  97. highest tariff in us history
    smoot hawley
  98. the statute of westminster gave these two british colonies sovereinty
    south africa and canada
  99. founded the communist party in indochina
  100. led long march
    mao zadong
  101. alliance that brought hitler and mussolini together
  102. name given to the german armed forces
  103. merging of austria into germany in
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