History vocab Chapter 16

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  1. Fort Sumter
    a federal fort located in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina; the Southern attack on this federal fort marked the beginning of the Civil War
  2. Robert E. Lee
    a Virginia resident, talented military leader, and commanding general of the Army of Northern Virginia
  3. border state
    a slave state that bordered states in which slavery was illegal
  4. King Cotton
    cotton was called king because cotton was important to the world market, and the South grew most of the cotton for Europe's mills
  5. Anaconda Plan
    a strategy by which the Union proposed to defeat the Confederacy in the Civil War
  6. blockade
    when armed forces prevent the transportation of goods or people into or out of an area
  7. First Battle of Bull Run
    an 1861 battle of the Civil War in which the South shocked the North with a victory
  8. hygiene
    conditions and practices that promote health
  9. rifle
    a gun with a grooved barrel that causes a bullet to spin through the air
  10. minié ball
    a bullet with a hollow base
  11. ironclad
    a warship covered with iron
  12. Ulysses S. Grant
    a victorious Civil War general in the West who became commander of Union armies in 1864 and president in 1869
  13. Battle of Shiloh
    an 1862 battle in which the Union forced the Confederacy to retreat in some of the fiercest fighting in the Civil War
  14. cavalry
    soldiers on horseback
  15. Seven Days' Battles
    an 1862 Civil War battle in which the Confederacy forced the Union to retreat before it could capture the Southern capital of Richmond
  16. Battle of Antietam
    a Civil War battle in 1862 in which 25,000 men were killed or wounded
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