P-3 Start

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  1. Engine start without an operating APU
    • Preflight with external power, Before start checklist
    • Start brief: Include sequence and single generator brief
    • note “Push, push, talk and pull” is fairly common technique
    • Clear both sides and call for huffer hookup
    • FE notes air rise, lineman give thumbs up, AFT clears area
    • Start #2 in normal RPM (may consider isolated on #1)
    • Close all bleed air valves, turn off external power
    • FE reports ready for disconnect
    • “Single generator” stated as reminder
    • Signal lineman to disconnect both electrical and huffer
    • Thumbs up from lineman
    • Abbreviated before start checklist
    • Start #3 for working generator
  2. Prior to start
    • Preflight both sides of flight station, tube, and outside
    • Position charts and approach plates
    • Check Placard duties
    • ATIS
    • Clearance on request
    • Call for lineman
    • Planeside
    • Check gear pins, radar, IRDS, ESM and doppler
    • Before start checklist
  3. Buss Loss
    • Bus A: Copilot select INS-1 and STBY Gyro
    • Restoring electrical power checklist
    • Bus B: Secure ground A.C. if on deck
    • Uncover boost handles if in flight
    • Restoring electrical power checklist
    • SEDC: Cycle TDs!
    • MDC: Rack overheat light is one indication
    • Uncover boost handles
    • Check TR 1 and TR 2 Cbs
    • Restoring electrical power checklist
  4. Fire During Start
    • Fuel and Ignition – OFF
    • E-handle – PULL
    • HRD – Discharge
    • Engine Fire on the Ground Checklist
    • Confirmed Fire prior to second bottle
  5. Discontinue Start Procedure
    • Fuel and Ignition – As Req
    • If fuel introduced – OFF
    • If fuel flow does not go to zero – pull E-handle
    • Starter Button - Motor to less than 200 deg C or 20 seconds
    • if fuel introduced then
    • PULL – check start valve light out and air is back
    • Start Selector – OFF
    • Bleed Air pressure should go to zero
    • Ground Air Conditioning SW – ON
    • Should have spread on both EDCs and feel air coming in
    • If switch does not stay on, Check SEDC and Ess DC #3
  6. No Bleed Air Pressure when engine selected
    • Deselect Engine, Turn on Ground A.C.
    • Ground A.C. Switch not stay on – Check Start Control CB or Loss of SEDC (Ess DC Feeder #3); CYCLE TDs!!
    • No Spread on Left EDC Indicator – Check INST Bus 1 CB (MEAC)
    • No Air coming out of gaspers – Check In-flight Arm Switch and Load and Shutoff Valve CB (GOB)
    • Good Air – Check Bleed Air Start Valve CB (GOB)
    • Bleed Air Pressure Indicator CB (INST BUS 1)
  7. Starter Button will not engage
    • DeSelect Engine
    • Ground A.C. Switch – ON
    • If not hold, check Start Cont CB – SEDC
    • Or SEDC (Ess DC FEED #3) and Cycle TDs!!
    • Attempt start on another Engine (troubleshoot wiring problem)
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