Bio 3058 - Food

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  1. Salivary amylase
    • Origin: Salivary glands in mouth
    • Function: Carbohydrates --> double sugars
  2. Pancreatic amylase
    • Origin: secreted by pancreas to small intestine
    • Function: Carbohydrates --> double sugars
  3. Enzymes that break down carbohydrates from double sugars to single sugars are located in ________.
    Small intestine
  4. Pepsin
    • Origin: Released as pepsinogen from cells in walls of stomach (Pepsinogen --HCl--> Pepsin)
    • Function: Proteins --> small chains of amino acids
  5. Tripsin
    • Origin: Released as tripsinogen by pancreas into small intestine (Trypsinogen --enterokinase--> trypsin) ---- Note: enterokinase is located in walls of small intestine
    • Function: Proteins --> small chains of amino acids
  6. Enzymes that break down proteins from small amino acid chains to single amino acids are secreted by _________ and __________ into __________.
    Small intestine and pancreas into small intestine
  7. Bile salts and other substances
    • Origin: made in liver and secreted into small intestine
    • Function: emulsify fats into droplets (physical breakdown)
  8. Lipase
    • Origin: secreted by pancreas into small intestine
    • Function: Triglycerides --> monoglycerides and fatty acids (chemical breakdown)
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