Trig Final

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  1. Convert degree to radians
    Degree oover one times Pie over one
  2. Radians to degree
    Radians times 180 over pie
  3. Find measurements of triangle
    a squared plus b squared equals c squared
  4. Sin:
    • sin: 0/h
    • Cos: A/h
    • Tan: O/a
    • Csc: H/o
    • sec: h/a
    • Tan: a/o
  5. csc Theda: negative squareroot three
    negative square root of 3, negative one, square root two triangle
  6. Terminal side of angle A stand post. goes through point (-7,24) find six trig. function..
    mark point on graph..make into triangle...theda is always in middle
  7. Find Exact Value of each Expression
    1st. break the unit circle up into 3 regions..then count around it until you get to that point tell what the sine is...It will be the second point given..(y)
  8. Find Amp, period, phase shift..

    • Amp: 4
    • Period: 2(pie)/3 -->2pie/B
    • Ps: 2pie/3 --> c/b
    • always Minus in formula!!
  9. Find Exact falue of trigonomic function:
    Tan (pie/8)
    • Tan(pie/4)/2) ( two times whatever number gives you..the begining number. then put it into formula
    • Find places on unit circle and use the sine and cosine points to put into the formula..then just simply
    • add demoinators when
  10. Find exact of the folowing then given you sine A= whatevr with lessthan or greater then signs
    basically you use whats given to make a triangel the woce you do that you do like what you did before...then looks for formula on formula part of unit circle can be double identity or sum and difference depending of if your multiplyeing (double) or adding (sum
  11. Solve each equation on the interval (o, 2pie)

    tanx= neg square root of three
    First it is ov. that its over one...So make a triagle out of this where tan= o/ the opp sign of theda needs to be neg squarroot 3 and age. needs to be neg 1 bc thats obvly a squr. 3, 1, square twoo trig. then find sin and cos of them and the points that both share the same sign and cos are the answers... neg and pos. so shlould be two answers
  12. Find Arc
    • S=RTheda
    • s:length
    • R: radius
    • theda: angle in radians
  13. Solving triangles:
    side 'c'/SinC = b/sinB
  14. Polar cordinates to rectangular cordinates
    • (2, 5pie/3)
    • 2=r
    • 5pie/3=Theda
    • 1. x=rcostheda
    • y=rsintheda
  15. Convert to a polar equation:
    rSINEtheda= whatever is given as y
  16. Convert to rectangular equation:
    • r= 8 so...
    • x2+y2=8^2
    • x2+y2=64
  17. Vector form of (5,-6) q: (-3,-12)
  18. -3-5, -12--6
  19. Find Mag or {V} of <-5,6>
    • (-5)^2+(6)^2 then take square root...
    • answer is square root of 61
  20. Unit vector in same direction as V
    V/{v} (-5/squaroot 61,6/squareroot/61)
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