Chapter 13

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  1. Your body has ________ different systems!
  2. called circulatory system made up of
    heart,blood,and blood vessels
  3. cardivoascular systems are made up of
    heart ,blood ,and blood vessels
  4. the cardiovascular system performs 3 main functions
    1.blood circulates through blood vessels.

    2.delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body cells.

    3.wastes are carried away from the cells.
  5. the heart has 4 chambers
    • a.right atirum
    • b.left atrium
    • c.right ventricle
    • d.left ventricle
  6. a flap of tissue that prevents the back flow of blood
  7. yellow
    mostly water
    carries nutrients
    picks up waste products from the cells
  8. blood is composed of four different parts:
    1. plasma blood cells

    3.white blood cells

  9. shaped like disks to flow easily
    carries oxegen to other types of cells
    red blood cells
  10. defends body against diseases
    white blood cells
  11. 1. sticky to help them stick to wound
    2. release a special protein that weaves a net to help stop bleeding and trap red blood cells creating a clot
    3. The scab you see is a dried blood clot.
  12. when the left ventricicle contracts,it pumps oxygnated blood into your
  13. oxygenated blood leaves the heart through a large artery called the.
  14. carry the oxygenated blood to your cells[blood then is deoxygenated blood must go back to your heart and lungs to get more oxygen
  15. the blood goes into larger blood vessel they have valves to prevent backflow of blood
  16. connects arteries to veins
  17. smallest blood vessels
  18. helps the blood defend against diseases
    immune system
  19. three principles that govern the functin of the human body
    a it is designed with many systems.

    b all systems work together to keep the body alive. is important to take care of your body so that it functions well.
  20. allows good things from the food we eat to get into our blood stream.
    digestive system
  21. brings in oxygen so the blood cells can carry to the other
    respiratory system
  22. takes harmful and unnecessary substances from our blood and removes them from our bodies
    urinary system
  23. the process of breaking nutrients into smaller molecules
  24. a protein made by the body cells that help speed up chemical reactions such as digestion
  25. digests carbohydrates into sugars
    digestive system
  26. the process of taking in food
  27. a muscular tube between the mouth and the stomach
  28. the process of moving nutrients from the intestine into the blood
  29. the process of removing wastes from the body
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