Earth's Interior

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  1. Geology
    the study of the planet earth
  2. Geologists
    scientists who study the forces that make and shape the planet
  3. Rock
    material that froms earths hard surface
  4. Continents
    large land masses (7 of them)
  5. Constructive Force
    shape the surface by building mountains and land masses
  6. Destructive Forces
    are those that slowly wear away mountains and eventually every other feature on the earth
  7. Seismic Waves
    Produce earthquakes
  8. Earth's Interior
    the crust, mantle and inner and outer core
  9. Crust
    the layer that forms the earths outer skin
  10. Basalt
    the oceanic crust and its dark dense rock with fine tecture
  11. Granite
    a rock that has large crystals then basalt and isnt as dense
  12. Mantle
    layer of hot rock below the crust
  13. Lithosphere
    the upper most part of the mantle and crust form it
  14. Pressure
    force pushing on the surface
  15. Asthenosphere
    the soft layer
  16. Outer Core
    moltin metal that surronds the inner core
  17. Inner Core
    dense ball of solid metal
  18. Heat Transfer
    the movement of energy from a warm object to a cooler object
  19. Radiation
    the transfer of energy through an empty space
  20. Conduction
    heat transfer by direct contact
  21. Convection
    tranfer of heat by heat fluid
  22. Density
    measure of how much mass or volume in something
  23. Convection Currents
    transfer of heat through a fluid
  24. Heating and Cooling of a fluid changes the fluids denstiy and force of gravity combined to set convection currents in motion
  25. Wegner
    Discovered Pangea
  26. Pangea
    all lands
  27. Continental Drift
    continents move slowly around the earths surface
  28. Mid Ocean Ridge
    Long chain of mountains in the world
  29. Sea Floor Spreading
    New Material to the ocean floor
  30. Deep Ocean Trenches
    Deep underwater canyons
  31. Subduction
    Ocean floor sinks beneath a deep ocean trench and back into the mantle
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