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    • Elisabeth
    • Vigee-Lebrun,
    • Queen Marie Antoinette and Her Children, 1800
    • OC
    • Wanted to change th idea of her spending frivolously so she is depicted
    • motherly, responsible, gentle, loving and had lost a child
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    • DAVID, Coronation of Napoleon 1800. Oil on canvas
    • Mom wasnt actually there. napoleon crowned himself, not the pope
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    • Cornelia
    • Presenting Her Children as Her Treasures,
  4. Image Upload
  5. Kauffman, Johann Winckelmann,
    1750. oil on canvas.
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    • GROS, Napoleon at the Pesthouse at Jaffa, 1800. Oil on
    • canvas
    • Orientalism: fascination with exotic cultures (middle east specifically in this
    • pic)
    • Showed napoleon unafraid to touch the poor, shows as humanitarian. Paralled
    • with Rembrandt hundred guilder print
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    • FRANCISCO GOYA, Third of May, 1808, 1814. Oil on
    • canvas
    • French soldiers killing rebels
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    • INGRES, Apotheosis of Homer, 1827 oil on canvas
    • reference to Raphael school of Athens.
    • Shakespeare, poussin Raphael
  9. Image Upload
    • INGRES, Grande Odalisque, 1814. Oil on canvas
    • Odalisque is a Turkish arab girl. Nude venus like figure
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    • GÉRICAULT, Raft of the Medusa, 1818–1819. Oil on canvas
    • Trying to speak against slavery, navy ppl left behind, dark skin men present,
    • 13 days later 15 survived
    • Neoclassic in that the bodies are classical and theres a shape of a stable
    • triangle. Its romantic in that its emotionally charged, shows movement,
    • overlapping
  11. Romanticm characteristics
    • Romanticism:
    • Emotionally charged, the power of nature, tension. Sublime: the awe inspiring
    • terror of nature
    • Beautiful: picturesque
  12. Image Upload
    • DELACROIX, Death of Sardanapalus, 1827. Oil on canvas
    • Orientalism, diagonals, bodies highlighted
  13. what is a pousinist? Rubinist?
    • Pousinnist- “classical body”
    • Rubbenist “color”
    • Delacroix is a rubbenist and ingres is a pousinnist
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    • DELACROIX, Liberty Leading the People, 1830. Oil on canvas
    • Phrygian cap worn when slaves were free. Commemorating the July revolution of
    • 1830. Liberty leading the people to freedom, notre dame in the background
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    • Goya, Saturn devouring his children 1820. Detached fresco
    • mounted on canvas.
    • Saturn is time. He created things and destroys them. Goya had this piece in his
    • dining room.
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    • Blake, Ancient of Days. Frontispiece of Europe: A prophecy.
    • 1800. Metal relief. Etching and hand
    • colored.
    • URIZEN figure: mix of god and reason.
    • Sending rays of reason down and it restricts. Commented on the academy and
    • religion as restrictive.
  17. Image Upload
    William Blake, Elohim Creating Adam, 1800.
  18. Image Upload
    • FRIEDRICH, Abbey in the Oak Forest, 1800. Oil on
    • canvas.
    • Even when the structure has fallen, it’s the people that make up the
    • congregation/church. No building needed. Spiritual image
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    • CONSTABLE, The Haywain, 1820. Oil on canvas.
    • Constable snow: dashes of white paint meant to reflect light on the surface of
    • things like trees or water
  20. Image Upload
    • david
    • oath of horatii
    • 1800 oil on canvas
  21. Image Upload
    • David
    • Death of Marat
    • 1800
    • oil on canvas
    • Had skin cancer, soaked in bathtub to relieve itch. Stabbed by woman delivering note. Letter said he was donating money to charity. pose remeniscent of michaelangelos pieta
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    • Canova
    • Pauline Borghese as Venus
    • 1800
    • Marble
    • napoleons sister posed as venus with apple
    • few people allowed to see it cause it showed royalty nude
  23. Image Upload
    • Goya,
    • the sleep of reason produces monsters
    • 1800
    • etching and aquatint
    • Monsters haunt even the most rational mind
    • reason falls asleep while at work
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    • goya
    • Family of charles IV
    • 1800
    • oil on canvas
    • turned head woman is future queen so her identity is still yet to determine. reminscient of las meninas: clothing, pose of woman in the center as she shifts her head slightly towards the left. two great paintings hang in background. artist is shown in the shadows painting the scene.
  25. Image Upload
    • Cole
    • The Oxbow
    • 1830
    • Oil on canvas
    • self portrait in the foreground
    • storm is coming in?
  26. Image Upload
    • Daguerre
    • Artists Studio
    • 1830
    • Daguerreotype
    • First type of photgraph characterized by sharp focus and great clarity of detail. downside it took FOREVER to make an image...hours!
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    • Courbet
    • Burial at Ornans
    • 1830
    • oil on canvas
    • Huge scale suggests monumentality but painting does not glorify any aspect of life.
    • Realism
  28. Realism
    • show me an angel and ill paint one.
    • Painted things one could experience with five senses which often translated to painting the lower classes and their environment.
  29. Image Upload
    • Daumier
    • Rue Transnonain
    • 1830
    • Lithograph
    • soldier shot from workers apartment so troops went in and shot up the place killing everyone for revenge
  30. Image Upload
    • Millet
    • the gleaners
    • 1850
    • oil on canvas
    • gleaners were the poorest of the poor, picking up scrapings left over after the general harvest.
  31. Image Upload
    • Manet,
    • Luncheon on the grass
    • 1850
    • Oil on canvas
    • reminscient of pastoral concert by giorgione
    • Jarring juxtaposition of nude woman with contemporarily dressed men
    • woman was probs a prostitute
    • looking RIGHT at the viewer.
    • made men uncomfortable, didnt want their wives to come with them to see it.
  32. Image Upload
    • Inspired by titians Venus of Urbino
    • Manet, olympia
    • 1850 oil on canvas
    • Figure is cold and uninviting
    • shows a prostitute/ a business woman.
    • name is common for prostitutes at the time.
    • look is frank, direct, looking right at the viewer
    • cat symbolizes sneakery, not to be trusted.
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