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  1. transitions in conflict thought
    traditional view assume all conflict was bad and to be avoided
  2. interactionist view of conflict
    encourages conflict on the grounds that a harmonious, peaceful, tranquil, and cooperative group is prone to becoming static, apathetic, and unresponsive to needs for change and innovation
  3. functional conflict
    supports the goals of the group and improves its performance an is, thus, a constructive form of conflict
  4. dysfunctional(destructive) conflict
    a conflict that hinders group performance
  5. task conflict
    relates to the content and goals of the work
  6. relationship conflict
    focuses on interpersonal relationships
  7. process conflict
    • relates to how the work gets done
    • low levels of process conflict and low to moderate levels of task conflict can be functional in very specific cases
    • for process conflict to productive, must be kept low
  8. process conflict
    5 stages
    • 1. potential opposition on incompatibility
    • communication, structure, and personal variables
    • 2. cognition and personalization
    • perceived conflict, felt conflict
    • 3. intentions
    • intentions
    • 4. behavior
    • conflict management - use of resolution and stimulation techniques to achieve teh desired level of conflict
    • 5. outcomes
    • functional, dysfunctional, and managing functional conflict
  9. bargaining strategies
    2 approaches to negotiation
    • distributive - negotiation that seeks to divide up a fixed amount of resources, win-lose situation
    • integrative - negotiation that seeks one or more settlements that can create a win-win solution
  10. the negotiation process
    • preparation and planning
    • definition of ground rules
    • clarification and justification
    • bargaining and problem solving
    • closure and implementation
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