Vocab Lessons 13 and 14

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  1. acquit
    to declare not guilty
  2. arson
    the crime of deliberately setting fire to something
  3. corruption
    dishonesty or improper behavior in a person of authority
  4. counterfeit
    made in false imitation
  5. culprit
    a guilty person
  6. felony
    a serious crime
  7. incarcerate
    to put in prison
  8. incriminate
    to cause to appear guilty; to give evidence of guilt
  9. jurisdiction
    the extent or range of authority; control
  10. swindle
    to cheat someone out of money or property
  11. amass
    to gather or collect a large quantity
  12. embellish
    to add decorative details or ornaments
  13. extravagance
    an expense or effort that is great or excessive
  14. glut
    to fill or eat beyond capacity; to flood with an excess of goods
  15. inexhaustible
    unlimited; unable to be used up or tired out
  16. lavish
    to give in great abundance
  17. outrageous
    going beyond proper limits
  18. profusely
    abundantly; generously
  19. spendthrift
    wasteful or extravagant
  20. voracious
    extremely hungry for large amounts of food; extremely greedy
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