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  1. 恐怕
    kongpa, I'm afraid that: I think perhaps: probably
  2. 餐厅
    canting, Cafeteria
  3. 楼下
    louxia, downstairs
  4. 商店
    shangdian, shop
  5. 日用品
    riyongpin daily household necessities
  6. 文具
    wenju stationaery; writing supplies
  7. ceng, measure word for floors
  8. tai, measure word for machines
  9. 洗衣机
    xiyiji wasing machine
  10. 烘干机
    hongganji, clothes dryer
  11. chao, noisy
  12. 马路
    malu road
  13. 安静
    anjing quiet
  14. 一般
    yiban generally
  15. 听说
    tingshuo to be told; to hear of
  16. 猜对了
    cai dui le, guessed correctly
  17. 胃口
    weikou appetite
  18. 真的
    zhende, really; truly
  19. 着急
    zhao ji, to feel restless or impatient as a result of worring about something
  20. 餐馆
    canguan, restaurant
  21. 地道
    didao, authentic
  22. 过日天
    guo ji tian, in a few days
  23. dai, to take or bring along
  24. 浴室
    yushi, bathroom (a room for bathing)
  25. 厕所
    cesuo, restroom; toilet
  26. jiu, (of things) old
  27. 设备
    sebei, facilities; equipment
  28. dong, measureword for buildings
  29. 空调
    kongtiao, air-conditioning
  30. kong, empty
  31. 书架
    shujia, bookshelf
  32. gua, to hang
  33. 柜子
    guizi, cabinet; cupboard
  34. 衣柜
    yigui, wardobe
  35. 毯子
    tanzi, blanket
  36. 被子
    beizi, comforter; quilt
  37. chuang, bed
  38. bai, toput; to place
  39. 窗户
    chuanghu window
  40. kao, to lean against
  41. 家具
    jiaju furniture
  42. 熟悉
    shuxi, to be familiar with
  43. 前天
    qiantian, te day before yesterday
  44. 同屋
    Tongwu, roommate
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