Intro to Medical Science

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  1. What is thrombus?
    It is a blood clot
  2. What is Embolus?
    It is a traveling blood clot
  3. What is an Aneurysm?
    It is the weakening of blood vessel walls
  4. What is HTN?
  5. What is a Heart Block?
    It is when the conduction system of the heart fails
  6. What is Erythrocytes?
    It is red blood cells and it carries O2 to the cells
  7. What is Thrombocytes?
    It is platelets and it aids in blood clotting
  8. What is Leukocytes?
    WBC (White Blood Cells) and it helps fight infections
  9. What is Polycythemia?
    It is excessive RBC (Red Blood Cells) that can be caused by a tumorous condition or inthe case of secondary polycythemia is due to living in high altitudes
  10. What is Thromocytopenia?
    It is deficiency in # of platelets
  11. What is Leukocytosis?
    It is in the increase in the number of leukocytes
  12. What is the etiology of Leukocytosis?
    It is a bacterial infection
  13. Whatis the etiology of Pernicious?
    It is the lack of intrinsic factor which aids in the absorption of B12 (which helps form RBC's
  14. What is the etiology of Hemolytic?
    It is the rupturing of RBC's
  15. What is the etiology of Aplastic?
    It is the failure of bone marrow
  16. What is the etiology of Hypochiromic?
    It is the # of RBC's are adequate but the amount of HGB per cell is reduced
  17. Coronary Arteries are?
    They are blood vessels which supply oxygenated blood to the heart
  18. CAD?
    Coronary Artery Disease
  19. A heart attack is known as a mycocardial infarction and.....
    It is composed of cardiac muscle cells and is responsbile for the contraction of the heart chambers
  20. Angina pectoris is?
    It is the pain and pressure felt in the chest that results from ischemia
  21. Nitroglycerin... How does it work?
    It vasodilates the arteries
  22. How does angioplasty work?
    Used to open a partly occluded coronary artery by inserting a balloon tipped catheter into the femoral artery, guiding it to the heart and into the affected area
  23. Congestive Heart Failure- Left sided heart chamber does?
    It is when blood backs up from the left ventricle into the pulmonary veins and lungs (it backs up)
  24. Congestive Heart Failure- Right side heart failure does?
    It helps with blood flor from the right ventricle into the vena cava
  25. A diuretic is?
    A treatment
  26. A heart murmur is the result of blood leaking through an incompetent valve and.....
    leaking around the valves
  27. Rheumatic heart disease is.....
    It is an autoimmune disease resulting from a reaction between streptococcal antigens and a person's own antibodies
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