Prenatal Screening

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  1. Screening test for neural tube defects
    aFP at 16-18 weeks
  2. What is AFP?
    a glycoprotein synthesized early in gestation by the fetal yolk sac and later by fetal GI tract and liver, it is also the major serum protein in the embryo-fetus
  3. When do fetal serum and amniotic AFP levels max out?
    13 weeks
  4. when do maternal AFP levels peak?
    12 weeks
  5. What is the Sn of the AFP screening test?
    90% for aencephaly, 80% for spina bifida
  6. What are the two signs of neural tube defect on ultrasound?
    lemon sign, banana sign
  7. What are the components of the quad screen?
    • hcg
    • unconjugated estriol
    • AFP
    • dimeric inhibin alpha
  8. what do you do after an abnl quad screen?
    • cnofirm gestational age by sonography
    • offer amniocentesis or fetal blood sampling for fetal karyotyping
  9. What is 1T screening?
    • 11-14 weeks
    • HCG and PAPP-A with sonographic nuchal translucency
  10. What is the proper dx test fora fetus whose parents are both CF carriers?
    if both parents are carriers, the fetus can be tested using chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis to determine whether it inherited either or both parental mutations
  11. When is amniocentesis generally performed?
    15-20 weeks
  12. What procedure is most commonly used to dx fetal aneuploidy and other genetic disorders?
  13. When is a bx of the chorionic villi generally performed?
    10-13 weeks
  14. What are relative CI to CVS?
    • vaginal bleeding or spotting
    • active genital tract infection
    • exterme uterine ante- or retroflexion
    • body habitus precluding easy uterine access or clear sonographic visualization of its contents
  15. When can a mother start feeling baby movements?
    • 16-80 weeks multigravida
    • 18-20 primagravida
  16. When do HCG levels nadir?
    16 weeks
  17. When can a sonogram detect a gestational sac?
    4-5 weeks menstrual age
  18. When can heart motion be seen?
    6 weeks
  19. When should a CBC be done?
    Initial, 24-28
  20. When should blood type and Rh factor be performed?
  21. When should an Ab screen be performed?
    28 weeks if inidicated
  22. When should a GTT be performed?
    24-28 weeks
  23. When is 1T aneuploidy screening offered?
    between 11-14 weeks
  24. When should neural-tube defect screening occur?
    15-20 weeks
  25. When should CF screening be offered?
    Initial, or 15-20
  26. When should a UA and culture be done?
  27. When do you do GBS creening?
    between 35 and 37 weeks
  28. What is the interval schedule for visits?
    • q4 weeks until 28 weeks
    • q2 weeks until 36 weeks
    • QW after
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