Federal Courts

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  1. Organization of Fed. Cts.
    DC --> Cir. Cts of App. [where axn. is] --> SCOTUS [hears few cases]
  2. SCOTUS: Cases heard v. Petitions Sent
    150 of 9000
  3. SCOTUS' role in the court system
    Answering questions in cases w/ a question greater than the party
  4. SCOTUS axn if a CoA is completely wrong as a matter of law, but did not act unconst.
    • Won't hear the case;
    • SCOTUS only hears cases w/ questions greater than the parties
  5. Examples of cases SCOTUS will hear
    • Cir. Splits;
    • Statutes that create such bureaucracy that undoing an implemented system would be nigh impossible (e.g., health care)
  6. Method of determining where Fed. Cts sit
    • Along geographical lines (e.g., 5th cir. follows state lines of TX, Miss. and LA)
    • DCs are aligned geographically according to where they sit (N., Central, etc.)
  7. SMJ, generally
    Types of cases a ct may try (e.g., FQ; diversity)
  8. Personal jx.
    Does a ct. have the authority to bind you w/ its ruling?
  9. Venue
    Where case should be hear
  10. Substantive Rules of Decision
    • Rule of Decision: Rule that tells judge whow to decide a case
    • Substantive Rule of Decision: Actually goes to who wins a case (e.g., one who is contributorily neg. may not recover)
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