Neurobilogy of Mental Health

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  1. Cerebrum is composed of ...
    • Cerebral cortex
    • Limbic system
    • Basal Ganglia
  2. Schizophrenia causes disruption in what lobe??
    The Prefrontal Cortex
  3. What are the 3 diff cortexs of the Frontal Lobe?
    • Primary Motor Cortex
    • Premotor Cortex
    • Somatic Association Cortex
  4. What does the Primary Motor Cortex Control??
    • controls voluntary movements
    • Nerves bundle goes to periphery of body in a pyramid –shaped bulge called the pyramidal tract.
  5. Premotor Cortex is responsible for what??
    The cooridination of movement of multiple muscles
  6. What is the Somatic Association cortex responsible for
    • judgment,
    • prioritizing,
    • choosing wisely,
    • personality,
    • executive functions,
    • motor speech in left frontal lobe (Broca’s Area: usually located in left frontal lobe ).
  7. Parietal lobe is know as the what center
    The processing Center
  8. What does the Parietal Lobe controls what and interprets what information??
    • Control of perception and interpretation of sensory information
    • touch
    • pain
    • taste
    • body position
  9. What does the Temproal lobe do??
    Hearing and receiving information via ears

    —short-term memory (esp. related to visual and auditory cues)

    —sense of smell

    —expression of emotions

    • —Wernicke’s area (works with Broca’s area to produce
    • normal communication) : speech capacity-written and verbal speech

    —Complex visual perceptions

  10. What does the Occipital Lobe do??
    visual reception and interpretation

    (color recognition, recognition/naming objects, ability to track moving objects)
  11. Basal Ganglia is responsible for smooth integration of ..???
    emotions, thoughts, and physical movement (both voluntary and involuntary)
  12. The Basal Ganglies extrapyramidal motor system is an important role in what???
    —motor responses
  13. What are the Limbic systems Structures??
    • amygdala,
    • thalamus,
    • hypothalamus,
    • hippocampus
  14. the Amygdala is located where??/
    Temporal Lobe
  15. Amygdala is responsible for regulating what..??

    • fear,
    • anxiety anger,
    • aggression
    • love,
    • joy,
    • hope,
    • sexual arousal,
    • social
    • behavior, c
    • omfort in social situations,
    • sense of smell
  16. The Thalamus filters what??
    filters incoming information from PNS to CNS to prevent cortex becoming overloaded.

    All sensory information except smell.
  17. Hypothalamus is located
    Deep in the brain
  18. The hypothalamus regulates
    regulates sleep-rest patterns (circadian rhythms), body temperature, hunger, sex
  19. the Hippocampus is located
    deep within the temporal lobe
  20. Hippocampus is responsible for
    Learning and recent memory
  21. What disease has a damaged Hippocampus??
  22. If a pt is having visual hallucinations what lobe is that??
  23. Neurotransmitters have an important role in what
    Human emotions and behaviors
  24. What are the Key Neurtransmitters
    • Dopamine
    • Serotonin
    • Norepinephrine
    • GABA
    • Acetylcholine
    • Histamine
  25. What diseases have a Decrease in Acetylcholine??
    • Huntingtons Disease
    • Parkinsons Disease
    • Alzheimers Disease
  26. does Acetylcholine increase or decrease with muscle tightening???
  27. What are Acetylcholines functions
    • sleep,
    • arousal,
    • pain perception,
    • coordination of movement
    • (voluntary muscles) and memory (CNS
  28. In depression the level of norepinephrine is ..??
    level is Decreased
  29. In Mania the Norepinephrine level is
  30. In Anxiety States Norepinephrine level is
  31. What do SSRIs do to the levels in the brain??
    The increase serotonin
  32. Serotonin plays a role in what??
    • sleep,
    • normal body temperature,
    • mood, aggression
  33. In Anxiety states serotonin levels are
  34. In depression serotonin levels are
  35. Dopamine is localized in the ??
  36. the Functions of Dopamine are what
    • regulationsof movements and coordination,
    • emotion,
    • voluntary decision-making
  37. What are the diseases when Dopamin is decreased??
    Depression and Parkinsons Disease
  38. What diseases have a Increased level of Dopamine
    Mania and Schizophrenia
  39. What is GABAs function
    • slow down of body activity (inhibits firing of
    • neurons).
    • Brain’s principle inhibitory neurotransmitter
  40. In Huntington’s disease, GABA-producing neurons that
    coordinate movement doing what
    Degenerate causeing uncontrolable movements
  41. The Activity of GABA in increased by what drugs
    benzodiazepines and anticonvulsant drugs
  42. If you have low levels of GABA you become more ..??
    More Anxious
  43. If you have High levels of GABA you become
    Less Anxious
  44. Histamine is involved in what
    —Involved in alertness

    —Inflammatory response

    —Stimulation of gastric secretions
  45. an Elevation in Histamine can cause
    • Anxiety
    • Drop in BP
    • Increased gastric acid
  46. A decrease in Histamine can cause
    • weight gain,
    • sedation,
    • depression,
    • dry mouth
  47. What two Major transmitters are decreased in Depression and what is the third one
    Serotonin and Norepinephrine

    and Histamine
  48. What neurotransmitter is decreased in Anxiety disorders
  49. What neurotransmitter is decreased in Alziemers disease
  50. Does a CT show movement and structures??
    It does not show movement just structures
  51. Does a CT show functioning
  52. What diesease can a CT show defects in ???
    schizophrenia, alcoholism, multi-infarct dementia, Alzheimers
  53. what is an MRI
    3d picture and much more pronounced than a CT
  54. what can an MRI detect??

    - Edema

    - Ischemia

    - Infection

    - Neoplasia

    - Trauma

    - Enlarged ventricles
  55. Is there a dye used for MRIs or CTs
  56. What must the pt do for an MRI
    Enclosed structure – pt. must lie still

    No pace-makers, screws (metallic objects) or for people who suffer from claustrophobia
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