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  1. Race
    Is involuntary, usually based on physical differences, hierachical, exclusive & unequal
  2. Ethnicity
    Involves more variability & mixture than race
  3. Theories of Race & Ethnic Relations*
    Scapegoat theory: Indiv. who expierences prejudice & discrimination are liekly to take their frustration out & discriminate others

    Authoritarian theory: People with authoritarian personality are most likely to be intolerant

    Conflict theory: Powerful people in society use prejudice as a mean to justify inequality in society

    Labeling theory: When people in a society label others
  4. Assimilation*
    Adaption of mainstream culture
  5. Pluralism*
    All different racial/ethnic groups coexit without a hierachy assigned to the group (all equal importance)
  6. Segregation*
    Distictively seperate into their own racial/ethnic categories (Jim Crow Laws, N. Americans)
  7. Genocide*
    Systamic killing of an entire group of people
  8. Native Americans
    2.5 mil

    Diverse group, lowest socio-economic status
  9. African Americans
    • Entered as slaves
    • 12.3% of pop.

    Med. income
  10. Japanese Americans
    Immigrated last centuryto work & expiernce legal & socioal discrimination

    WWII many were in camps
  11. Chinese Americans
    Immigration started with gold rush, currently outpace national avg. economically & education, many living Chinatown poverty
  12. Latinos
    Recent imigrants, below national avg. in income
  13. WASP
    Mostly english origin, dominated most U.S., most immigrated to this country, their power is declining
  14. Prejudice
    Attitude; negative or positive
  15. Discrimination
    Action of treating others unfairly
  16. Gender
    Personal traits & social position that members of a society attach to being female & male
  17. Sex
    Biological distination between males & females
  18. Gender Roles
    Attitudes & activities that a society links to each sex
  19. Masculinity
    Associated with physical fitness, money making ability, & associated with sports
  20. Femininity
    Concept that changes to meet societal needs
  21. Patriarchy
    A system of stratification where men are given more power & prestige than women
  22. Glass Ceiling*
    When women enter proffesional occupations they move up the ladder to a certain point & then stop when reach invisible barrier that keeps them from moving
  23. Glass Escalator*
    When men enter femanized proffesional occupations they move up the occupation ladder at a faster rate than women
  24. Domestic Violence*
    Reasons why indiv. stay & the cycle of abuse
    Dependent, love & fear

    Honeymoon stage-Tension building-Explosion Violence-Honeymoon stage
  25. Female Genital Mutilation
    Not consider illegal crime instead its crime in the name of mortality
  26. Marriage Patterns
    Endogamy*: Marriages between partners of the same social categories

    Exogamy*: Marriages between partners of diff. social categories

    Monogamy: Marriage involving only 2 partners

    Polygamy: Marriage involving 3 or more partners
  27. Types of Family
    Extended Fam: Fam. unit including parents, children & also other kin

    Nuclear Fam: Fam. unit including only the parents & children (most common)

    Bi-Nuclear: Stepfamilies that come together after remarrge of their parent
  28. Divorce
    • U.S. has highest rate
    • 48% divorace rate as of 2010
  29. Cohabition
    Living together in an intimate relationship without formal legal or religious sanctioning
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