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  1. by ..... the USA had grown into one of the world's greates powers . throughout th 19th century the USA was seen as a land of opportunity . Between 150 and 1914 over ....... ...... people left Europe and emigrated to the USA . One rsult of this was the USA had become a ..... ... . It was estimated that people from ..... different nationalities were living in the USA
    • 1918
    • 40 million
    • mixed society
    • 100
  2. In the first World War American forces played a key part in the campaigns of 1918 , and the extra resources theybrought helped the final defeat of Germany . The USA did not enter the war until April ...... and so just lost ......... men . Unlike the other powers involved in the war , the USA was ...... by it . Throughout the war the countries had ...... the USA to provide them with their .... .... , food and raw materials as well as weapons . The USA has also ...... many of the overseas ...... of European countries
    • 1917
    • 100,000
    • strengthened
    • paid
    • war needs
    • gained
    • markets
  3. ...... .... the president of the USA , had taken USA into the firs world war
    Woodrow Wilson
  4. Why at first did the USA refuse to join WW1
    because it was a tradditional American belief that the USA should be isolationist , and keep out of foreign affairs
  5. What made the USA eneter WW1
    the German U boat attacks on American ships angered America and Germany's policy of unrestricted submarine warfare in 1917
  6. Wilson played an important part in the peace talks . In ..... he travelled to ..... for the Versailles Peace Conference . The ..... pints drawn up by him in 1918 were the basics for the peace settlement , but the French and British leaders forced Wilson to ..... , such as ....... ..... ....... on Germany . The treaty ended up being ..... than Wilson would have liked , but was able to secure the setting up of a ......-....... organisation called the ....... ... ...... to try to prevent ..... from ever happening . all countries who sugned the peace treaties would automatically become members of the ...... ...... .....
    • 1919
    • Paris
    • 14
    • compromise
    • imposing heavy reparations
    • peace keeping
    • league of nations
    • war
    • league of nations
  7. Why did americans object to the treaty of Versailles
    • Because many Americans were shocked by the severity of the peace treaty towards Germany . They believed that the European countries' demands for reoperations from Germany were motivated by greed , and that Wilson had been too willing to give into the demands of clemanceau
    • Americans knew that if they signed the treaty they would have to join the league of nations , but they didn't want o do this
  8. The USA did not want to join the league of nations because
    the USA was withdrawing into ...... This was a return to the traditional US policy of ........ Getting ....... With ..... ...... . The USA thought that joining the league of nations would mean they were more , not less , involved with the rest of the world
    • Isolation
    • Not
    • Involved
    • Other countries
  9. The USA did not want to join the league of nations because Article 10 of the treaty of Versailles said that 1) cabot lodge argued 2)
    • 1) if a country acted aggressively , then all members of the league of nations would act together to stop this aggression (collective security)
    • 2) that the USA could not agree to this because it would involve solving sending troops at any time to any part of the world to stop aggression . He arghed that this an unrealistic commitment for any country to make and that nobody would keep to it . When this happened it would discredit the league of nations , so it wasbetter not to make the commitment in the first place
  10. The USA did not want to join the league of nations because they had lost ................ Men in WW1 fighting in a war that was thousands of mes away from them , over issues that didnt really ...... ..... . The USA did not want more American soldiers to be killed , trying to keep peace around the world . Cabot Lodge argued that joining the league would lead to just that .
    • 100,000
    • Concern them
  11. America did not want to join the league of nations Because the treaty of Versailles recommended that ..... ..... should ..... In the future , and plan to hold a worl disarmament conference at a later dateworried worried senatoator lodge who said that the league of nations should not be able to control the size of the USA's ...... ......
    • All countries should disarm
    • Miliatary forces
  12. Senstator lodge argued that the peace treaty was too harsh on Germany and Wilson was too willinggot give into the demands of clemenceau . However Wilson could have argued that
    The peace treaty was less harsh on Germany than it would have been of it was created by Britain and France only . We have to remember that 100,000 ofvour soldiers were killed by Germans
  13. senatator lodge argued that if they sign the treaty then they will have to join the league of nations however wilson could have argued that
    They need to join the league of nations as it will secure world peace
  14. Cabot lodge argued that the USA is withdrawing how to isolationism , joining the league of nations would mean they would be more involved with the rest if the world . However wilson could have argued thatt
    They need to be involved with the rest of the world as it means that they will gain allies who they can trade with and negotiate with so that there are no more world wars
  15. Cabot lodge argued that collective security would involve sending troops to any parts of the world at any time to stop aggression . It Is an unrealistic commitment and nobody will be willing to keep to it . If this happens it will descredit the league of nations so it is better that they dont make the commitment in the first place . However wilson could have argued
    That we need to help each other . If we protect others they may protect us , and we need this protection as we are a rich powerful country and other countries are lacking in wealth , so other countries may attack us for wealth and resources .
  16. Cabot lodge argued that the treaty of Versailles recommends all counties to disarm and it is not right that the league of nations should control the size of the USA's military force . However Wilson may have argued that
    All countries have to disarm , and if America doesn't disarm (by refusing to ratify the treaty , and therefor not joing the league of nations) then nobody else will disarm meaning it is easier for other countries to attack us
  17. Cabot lodge argued that the USA is the strongest country in the world meaning they will have to sort out Europe problems and end up being the policemen of the world and we may lose our wealth as we will have to pay to keep world peace . However wilson may argue that
    no other country has the power to ensure world peace . We should be proud that we have this power , with this power we can control the world in any way we want to look after our own interests in a peaceful way
  18. Cabot lodge argued that the sanctions the league of nations impose will b e costly and the USA will end up paying to sort out disputes that don't involve them . However Wilson may argue that t
    The sanctions imposed by league of nations will frighten nations and prevent them from causing problems with other nations
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