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  1. Shoulder Views
    •____ views (“Ideally an IR and ER A/P
    view”)–Shows humeral head, proximal 3rd of humeral shaft, lateral 2/3 of clavicle, AC jt, and upper and lateral portions of scapula

    •___________ A/P view–2 radiographs are taken, one holding a weight and one not holding a weight to stress AC joint
    • A/P
    • AC jt Upright A/P view
  2. Other Shoulder Views:
    ______ Axillary View :shows relationship of humeral head and glenoid.
    Scapular ___ View: used to look for "fractures or dislocations of proximal humerus and scapula.
    • Scapular axillary views
    • Scapular Y view
  3. _____ recommended for acute and subacute shoulder pain.
    -if initial radiographs are normal
    -and if rotator cuff pathology, instability or labral tears are suspected
    ____ recommended if MRI not available
    ___ recommended for evaluation of soft tissue pathology
    • MRI
    • CT
    • US
  4. Elbow and forearm Views ;
    ____: shows distal humerus and proximal radius and ulna in anatomical position
    _____: shows elbow flexed 90d, clearly shows olecranon process, anterior portion of radial head and humeroradial joint.
    ____ elbow views (IR or ER): used to see specific areas of interest and minmize superimposition.
    • A/P
    • Lateral
    • Oblique
  5. Wrist and Hand views:
    ____ view: structures best shown are the phalanges, metacarpals, carpals, and all joints of the hand.
    ____ view: demonstrates the phalanges, metacarpals, carpals, and all joints of the hand.
    ____ view: demonstrates superimposed proximal metacarpals, distal radius and ulna.
    • P/A
    • Oblique
    • Lateral
  6. there are a ton of images and not much else
    study the images

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