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  1. How many persons are needed to move aircraft?
    Six, - PC, Tow tractor driver, brake rider, two wing walkers, and safety observer.
  2. How many persons are needed to move A/C without brakes?
    Permission is needed form MO. Usually Five
  3. How will the move crew carry their whistles?
    In their mouths at all times during the move.
  4. During night moves, what additional tools are necessary to move A/C safely?
    Wands for the PC, and reflective vest for the PC.
  5. Can the pilot ride brakes?
    Yes, as long as they are included in the safety brief.
  6. How far should the wing walkers be from the wheel when moving A/C?
    At least there height.
  7. What hydralic fluid do we use?
    MIL-PRF- 83282 ( 83 to 82 basketball score)
  8. What needs to be done before using HSU-1 or T-6?
    Pre-op / particle counter.
  9. What engine oil do we use?
    MIL-PRF-23699 ( MJ 69 9 girls)
  10. How do you document engine servicing?
    In ounces.
  11. What gearbox oil do we use?
    DOD-L-85734 ( Song 857 34)
  12. How do you document gearbox serviciing?
    In inches.
  13. Can you complete turn around insection with tail pylon folded?
    No, because of the IGB and TGB
  14. Can you perfrom daily and Turnaround insection simultaneously?
  15. How many people needed to fold a tail pylon?
    Five. 3 on pole, one on stab, and one on wrench man.
  16. How many gauges are there on the main rotor head?
    Two. One hydraulic (color coded in red,green, and yellow) and one for nitrogen (In numbers).
  17. How fast do you move an aircraft?
    5 MPH or as slow as the slowest walker.
  18. Where can you find instruction on how to wash an aircraft?
  19. How would you protect viscous damper berfore washing A/C?
    By wrapping them with barrier paper and pressure sensitive tape.
  20. What is the mixture of soap and water for normal wash?
    4 to 1
  21. What is an IRAC?
    Interim Rapid Action Change, change to manual.
  22. On MRC cards, what does a bold C mean?
    A corrosion inspection needs to be perfermed.
  23. What is the corrosion manual?
    NA 01-1A-509 ( Like 409 cleaner)
  24. What is the first step in preventing aircraft corrosion?
    Aircraft cleanliness.
  25. Who is responsible in preventing corrosion?
    All hands.
  26. What is the drop dead date on any corrosion gripe?
    Next 28 day inspection.
  27. What does a popped PDI indicate?
    A clogged filter.
  28. How many PDI's are there? Name them?
    14, 2 on each hydrualic pump, 1 on pilot assist module, 2 on each engine, 1 on MGB.
  29. What is the APU pressure?
    2700 - 3100. (27-31 MILF Age)
  30. What is the waiting time between each blade fold and spread cycle, and why?
    10 minutes, to avoid burning the motor.
  31. What kind of tow bar do we use?
    Albar 24
  32. What is the only shear wire method authorized?
    Single strand
  33. What is the waiting time, after APU shut down, for checking APU servicing?
    20 minutes
  34. What is the waiting time for fuel samples?
    2 hours after moving aircraft.
  35. What is the capacity of the rescue hoist?
    600 lbs.
  36. What are the DTA Hazmat requirements?
    Fluid film liquid A, A/C cleaning compound 85570, CPC type II, Tail greese, Bifilar grease.
  37. What switches are required for flight light?
    Stab lock pin. Tail Lock Pin. Blade Fold. Tail Inoexer.
  38. What inspection in the daily requires a 10X magnifying glass?
    Blade Tip Cap Screws
  39. What is used to lubricate the exposed pistons on the A/C?
    Fluid Film
  40. How can you tell if the first aid kit has been opened?
    Tamper seal broken, shear wire broken
  41. When doing a engine water wash, are the engines actually running?
    No, they are just windmilling.
  42. Where can you find a list of the circuit breakers to pull before applying power?
    GAI-010 WP 018 00
  43. What are the gearbox capacities?
    MGB-7.5 Gallons IGB & TGB - 2.75 pints
  44. What is the engine capacity?
    7.3 Quarts
  45. What type of engine does the Romeo have?
    T700-401C Turbine
  46. What is the leak limitation on the main rotor head dampers?
    5 drops per minute total
  47. What are the four principes of ORM?
    • 1. Accept risk when benefits outweigh cost.
    • 2. Accept no unnecessary risk.
    • 3. Anticipate and manage risk by planning.
    • 4. Make risk decisions at correct level.
  48. What are the five steps of ORM?
    • 1. Identify hazards
    • 2. Assess hazards
    • 3. Make risk decisions
    • 4. Implement controls
    • 5. Supervise
  49. What are the Hazard Probability Categories?
    • A. Likely to occur immediately.
    • B. Probably will occur in time.
    • C. May occur in time.
    • D. Unlikely to occur.
  50. What are the Risk Assessment Codes?
    • 1. Critical
    • 2. Serious
    • 3. Moderate
    • 4. Minor
    • 5. Negligible
  51. What are visual differences b/t bravos and romeos?
    • Mad Reeling machine
    • Satcom Ant
    • Link 16 Ant
    • ESM Ant
    • Chaff & Flare Buckets
    • HF ANT
  52. What indication does APX-123 give when its battery's life is low?
    A lighted LED on the front panel
  53. Where is the utility hydraulic reservoir located?
    Oil cooler section.
  54. How is proper servicing determined on the utility hydraulic reservoir?
    The bands on the piston.
  55. How are the bands on the utility hydraulic reservoir labeled?
    Empty, refill, full, and overfull
  56. When conducting a TA what position should the sonar reeling machine/pedestal be in?
  57. Where is the sonobuoy launcher gauge located?
    Port of the SO seat.
  58. When the sonobuoy window is installed, what system should be tested?
  59. What is the tire pressure for the tail tires?
    100-110 PSI
  60. What is the caution regarding the APX-123?
    Do not let the battery die.
  61. What alerts can be giving when performing the Transponder manual self-test?
    *XPNDER TMPER - change WRA*XPNDER BATTERY -change battery
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