Amendments and Articles

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  1. Article I
    Legislative Branch
  2. Article II
    Executive Branch
  3. Article III
    Judicial Branch
  4. Article IV
    Relations Among States
  5. Article V
    Amendment Process
  6. Article VI
    Constitutinal Supremacy
  7. Article VII
  8. 1st Amendment
    freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly
  9. 2nd Amendment
    right to bear arms
  10. 3rd Amendment
    prohibits quartering of troops
  11. 4th Amendment
    prohibits unreasonable search and seizure
  12. 5th Amendment
    due process
  13. 6th Amendment
    speedy trial
  14. 7th amendment
    jury trial
  15. 8th amendment
    prohibits cruel and unusual punishment
  16. 9th amendment
    people have other rights not listed in the Bill of Rights
  17. 10th amendment
    any power not given to federal government are reserved to the states
  18. 11th amendment
    no stat may be sued in federal court by a resident of another state or a foreign country
  19. 12th amendment
    separated the ballots for president and vice-president
  20. 13th amendment
    abolished slavery
  21. 14th amendment
    equal protection under the law; cannot discriminate
  22. 15th amendment
    african-american men have the right to vote
  23. 16th amendment
    gives congress the right to collect income tax
  24. 17th amendment
    citizens vote directly for senators
  25. 18th amendment
    prohibition; outlawed alcohol
  26. 19th amendment
    gives women the right to vote
  27. 20th amendment
    president takes office on January 20th
  28. 21st amendment
    ended the 18th amendment
  29. 22nd amendment
    term limits for president; cannot be elected to more than two terms
  30. 23rd amendment
    gives right to vote for District of Columbia voters
  31. 24th amendment
    outlawed poll taxes
  32. 25th amendment
    VP become president; nominate VP
  33. 26th amendment
    gave 18 year olds the right to vote
  34. 27th amendment
    confressional pay; delay increase until next session of Congress
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