Evergreen id. 6

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    Sequioadendron giganteum

    Giant Sequoia

    Zone 6

    Perfect Christmas tree shape, similar to shape of dwarf alberta spruce, gets really wide, biggest trunk size on planet, much larger cones than coastal redwood, Leaves are made of skinny short awl things, wispy looking. Grows 60-80' tall and spreads 30-40' (in landscape)
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    Sequoiadendron giganteum 'Pendula'

    Weeping Sequoia

    Zone 6

    Grows straight up with branches coming straight down, used for framing, formal look, by fountains, same needle and cone as giant sequoia. Grows 20' tall and 1-2' wide.
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    Juniperus virginiana

    Eastern Red Cedar

    Zone 4

    Vere common E. of the Rockies, a pioneer heritage tree, liked for it's nice pyramidal shape, good windbreak tree. Grows 40-50' tall and 10-20' tall
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    Juniperus scopulorum 'Skyrocket'

    Skyrocket Juniper

    Zone 4

    skinny, narrow and upright, blue berries instead of the cone in thujas. Grows 15-20' tall and spreads 2-3'.
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    Juniperus scopulorum 'Tolleson's Blue Weeping'

    Tolleson's Blue Weeping Juniper

    Zone 3

    Known for habit and blueish tone, tree, scaley flakey bark. Grows 20-25'tall and spreads 8-10'
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    Juniperus scopulorum 'Upright Type'

    Upright Scopulorum Juniper

    Zone 3

    Comes in lots of varieties. Grows 10-20' tall and spreads about 5'wide.
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    Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star"

    Blue Star Juniper

    Zone 4

    Awls, more rounded shape, blue colors, super slow growing, blue ball specimin for habit and color (spikey blue ball). Grows 3' high and wide.
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    Juniperus sabina 'Broadmoor'

    Broadmoor Juniper

    Zone 3

    Awls slightly bluish ground covers more back east. has distinct strong smell, in summer called cat urine juniper for smell(as is common with sabinas'). Grows 1-2' tall and spreads 4-6' wide.
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    Juniperus sabina 'Buffalo'

    Buffalo Juniper

    Zone 3

    Stays pretty flat, mainly used as groundcover, lighter green and a little softer thatn the tam, snakes off quickly from the base, scales, green but can be bluish. Grows about 1' tall and spreads 8-10'.
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    Juniperus sabina 'Tamarisicfolia'

    Tam Juniper

    Zone 3

    • Groundcover, shrubby, upright, mounding, throws out branch and secondary branches in v's inexpensive, scales. Used for massing and groundcover, better for massing.
    • Grows 4' high and wide.
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    Juniperus procumbens 'Nana'

    Dwarf Garden Japanese Juniper

    Zone 4

    Awls, mound with multiple arms, light green, spikey, specimin for octopus shape. seen a lot in oriental gardens. Grows 2' tall and spreads 5-10'.
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    Juniperus horizontalis plumosa compacta 'Youngstown'

    Youngstown Juniper

    Zone 3

    Compacted, super dense, flat and full, forms really dense mat or mattress, turns purple in the winter. Grows 1' tall and spreads 6-8' long.
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    Juniperus horizontalis 'Wiltonii'

    Blue Rug Juniper or Wilton carpet juniper

    Zone 3

    Blue thick carpet takes on shape of area growing on, garpeting ground. Awls and scales. Awls on branch and scales seen. Grows 4-6" tall and spreads 5-8' wide.
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    Juniperus horizontalis 'Blue Chip'

    Blue Chip Juniper

    Zone 3

    Awls, blue, used mainly as ground cover, awl branching grows perpendicular to the branch. Grows 8-10" tall and spreads 8-10' long.
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    Juniperus conferta

    Shore Juniper

    Zone 5

    Growth areas are kind of balled up, common back east, comes in blue and green forms, used as a groundcover.
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    Juniperus communis

    Common juniper

    Zone 3

    Growth has needles (only one) grows wild in mts. comes in shrubby or upright forms, known for needles and a lot of blue berries. Grows up 5' tall (upright) and spreads 3-4' or 1-4' tall (non upright) and spreads 1-4' wide.
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    Juniperus chinensis 'Upright Type'

    Upright chinensis juniper

    Zone 3

    One of few upright chinesis, generally greener than the scopulorum. Grows 10-20' tall and spreads 5'.
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