Vocab Units 13-15

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  1. ad infiinitum
    endlessly; unceasingly
  2. apportion
    to divide and give out in shares; allot; allocate
  3. bona fide
    genuine; sincere; indisputable; certified
  4. bouyant
    able to float easily; able to hold things up; cheerful, hopeful; blithe
  5. clique
    a small, exclusive group of people; coterie
  6. concede
    to admit as true; to yield, submit; assent
  7. congenial
    getting on well with others; agreeable, pleasant; friendly
  8. lofty
    very high; noble; grand
  9. migration
    a movement from one country or region to another
  10. perceive
    to observe; grasp mentally; understand
  11. perverse
    stubborn; discern
  12. prelude
    an introduction
  13. rancid
    stale, spoiled; rotten
  14. rustic (adj.) (n.)
    • (adj.) country-like; simple, plain, awkward, rustic
    • (n.) one who lives in the country
  15. sever
    to separate; divide in parts
  16. sordid
    run-down; mean or selfish; filthy
  17. untenable
    not capable of being held or defended; impossible to mantain
  18. versatile
    able to do many things well, handy; all around
  19. vindicate
    to clear from hint or charge of wrongdoing; to justify
  20. wane
    to lose size, strength, or power; dwindle
  21. annex (v.) (n.)
    • (v.) to add to, attach
    • (n.) an attachment
  22. cleave
    to cut or split open; to cling to
  23. cordial (adj.) (n.)
    • (adj.) hospitable
    • (n.) a liqueur
  24. conerstone
    foundation; starting point of a building
  25. debacle
    an overwhelming defeat; complete failure; disaster
  26. devitalize
    to make weak or lifeless
  27. embroil
    to involve in a conflict or difficulty; entangle
  28. exonerate
    to clear from a charge or accusation vindicaten
  29. glib
    thoughtless, insincere
  30. haphazard
    by chance, lacking order; random, accidental
  31. improvise
    to compose or perform without preparation; wing it
  32. incite
    to rouse, stir up; urge on, instigate
  33. influx
    a coming in, inflow; inpouring
  34. pallor
    an extreme or unatural paleness
  35. pedigree
    family tree, history; lineage, ancestry
  36. precipitous
    very steep; abrupt
  37. profuse
    given or flowing freely, extravegant; lavent
  38. reconcile
    restore to freindship; unite; settle
  39. shackle (v.) (n.)
    • (v.) to put in chains, enslave
    • (n.) handcuffs, chain
  40. threadbare
    shabby, old and worn; ragged or trite
  41. abase
    to lower in esteem; to humble; humiliate
  42. actuate
    to move to action; impel, trigger
  43. avert
    to turn away; prevent; avoid, stop
  44. boorish
    rude; clumsy, ill-mannered
  45. brunt
    the main impact, blow
  46. combatant (n.) (adj.)
    • (n.) a fighter
    • (adj.) enagaged in fighting, battling
  47. dormant
    inactive; resting
  48. dubious
    causing suspision; questionable
  49. harangue (v.) (n.)
    • (v.) to rant, deliver loud, ranting speech
    • (n.) a loud speech
  50. harry
    torment, harrass; badger, pester
  51. impenitent
    remorseless, unrepentant; feeling no sorrow for errors
  52. knave
    rascal, scoundrel; deceitful fellow
  53. legion (n.) (adj.)
    • (n.) large military force, any large group
    • (adj.) many, numerous
  54. liberality
    generosity; open-minded
  55. plaintiff
    one who begins a lawsuit, accuser
  56. probe (adj.) (n.)
    • (adj.) to examine, explore; investigate thouroughly
    • (n.) an investigation, device used to examinate
  57. protract
    to draw out; lengthen, extend
  58. quarry (v.) (n.)
    • (v.) to cut or take from
    • (n.) something hunted or pursued
  59. spurn
    turn down, reject
  60. subterfuge
    an excuse or trick for escaping or hiding something; deception
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