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  1. st josephs hospice/ convent
    mare street (below westgate st)
  2. clapton pond
    lower clapton road
  3. patriot square
    cambridge heath road
  4. sutton square
    urswick road
  5. old ship pub
    mare street/ down sylvester path -bang opposite morning lane
  6. cat n mutton pub
    broadway market/ westgate street
  7. vijante restaurant
    cambridge heath road/ on cnr of patriot square
  8. bethnal green library
    cambridge heath road -just below roman road
  9. sunlight square
    birkbeck street, off cambridge heath road (just below bethnal green rd)
  10. raynes foundation upper school
    approach road - sdor in from old ford rd
  11. raynes foundation lower school
    old bethnal green road - sdol in from cambridge heath rd
  12. hadrian estate
    hackney road -just before warner place sdol west bound
  13. marian place
    pritchards road (dead end- east bound)
  14. mander organs
    st peters square- warner pl, st peters close, l ave, r sq, facing CAS
  15. assembly bar
    seething lane
  16. streetwise
    vallance road -kpm's
  17. gowers walk
    hooper street/ commercial road -one way up from hooper st
  18. osmani youth centre
    vallance road -sdol up from whitechapel road
  19. siege house
    sidney street - sdor down @ bottom just before commercial road
  20. bill faust house/ adam mere house
    tarling street - commercial road, deancross street, tarling st, sdor
  21. graces alley
    ensign street/ well close sq & fletcher street (wiltons music hall)
  22. new loom house
    backchurch lane -opposite dock n truck pub
  23. hooper square
    hooper street (flats on south side)
  24. tower bridge buisness centre
    east smithfield -next to secrets
  25. elements restaurant ec3
    novotel tower bridge hotel- pepy's street
  26. brown bear pub e1
    leman street
  27. empress restaurant
    leman street
  28. red chilli restaurant
    leman street
  29. revolution bar
    leadenhall street - west of st mary axe
  30. prism bar
    leadenhall street - west side of st mary axe
  31. caravaggio restaurant
    leadenhall street - east side of st mary axe
  32. mother mash restaurant
    leadenhall street -east side of st mary axe
  33. society restaurant
    blackfriars lane - ludgate hill, pagentmaster court, ludgate broadway, blackfriars lane, sdor
  34. harrys bar
    blackfriars lane - ludgate hill, pagentmaster court, ludgate broadway, blackfriars lane, sdor
  35. apex temple court hotel
    lombard lane/ fleet st - bouverie st, r pleydell st, l lombard lane, r hotel forecourt. lol hotel forecourt, r lombard lane, r temple lane, l temple street
  36. crane court
    fetter lane -opposite cliffords inn -small alleyway
  37. twilights bar
    parker street - next to secrets
  38. telephone house
    temple avenue -2 way
  39. temple chambers
    temple avenue- sdor in from tudor st
  40. freshfields
    whitefriars street/ fleet st
  41. abacus bar
    cornhill - south side
  42. runner bar
    cornhill - south side
  43. the roxy bar
    rathbone place - sdol down
  44. dominion theatre stage door
    bainbridge street - off new oxford st. cant right into it, and l only out of it
  45. my old dutch restaurant
    high holborn -sdor down
  46. british film institute
    stephen street- sdor in/ 2 way
  47. costa dorada restaurant
    hanway street -sdor in
  48. birkbeck college
    malet street - l out of keppel st and sdor
  49. stuart house
    russell sq/ and corner of montague place
  50. institute of advanced legal studies
    russell square/ bedford way
  51. senate house
    malet street
  52. family records centre
    myddelton street -roseberry ave side
  53. aslef (train drivers union)
    st john street -sdol up near to larder restaurant
  54. otium health club
    exchange street/ lever st/ dingley road
  55. friends of the earth
    underwood street
  56. wilton square
    baring street
  57. portal restaurant
    st john street- sdor up
  58. disabled living foundation
    harrow road
  59. jews for jesus
    kentish town road -sdol down just past royal college st
  60. the good mixer pub
    inverness steet/ arlington road
  61. mtv
    hawley crescent
  62. open university
    hawley crescent- opposite mtv
  63. vivian court
    maida vale -next to islamic centre of england
  64. kilburn gate
    flats- kilburn priory
  65. getty images
    woodfield road - opposite LTDA
  66. paddington recreaction ground
    grantully road / morshead road..... and ashworth road out l/r onto elgin ave
  67. rayne house
    deleware road - sdol up next to bbc rehearsal studios
  68. deleware mansions
    deleware road- sdor up takes up whole legnth of road
  69. admiral walk
    elmfield way/ harrow road
  70. carlton gate
    elmfield way/ harrow road
  71. muslim cultural heritage centre w10
    acklam road - golbourne road/ st ervans road/ l acklam road sdol
  72. bay 66 skate park
    acklam road - golbourne road/ st ervans road/ l acklam road sdol
  73. supper club
    acklam road - golbourne road/ st ervans road/ l acklam road sdol
  74. electric cinema
    portobello road - elgin crescent in to sdol, and lol, blenheim crescent 1st out
  75. serbian community centre
    lancaster road -east of ladbroke grove sdor in
  76. e+o restaurant
    bleinheim crescent - sdol just east of kensington park road/ ladbroke grove
  77. museum of brands & packaging
    colville mews/ lonsdale road off ledbury road
  78. colville terrace
    powis sq/ ledbury road
  79. kensington gardens square
    westbourne grove
  80. kensington gardens hotel
    bottom of kensington gardens square/ porchester gardens
  81. porchester square
    gloucester terrace in/ of bishops bridge rd... porchester terrace north in
  82. commander pub
    hereford street- north side sdol in from bishops bridge road
  83. the print room
    hereford street- north side in from bishops bridge road sdor
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