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  1. WBC- white blood cells
    Norm- 5,000-10,000

    • Increased count - Infection, Leukemic neoplasia
    • trauma, stress, tissue necrosis , inflammation

    Decreased count- Drug toxicity, bone marrow failure, overwhelming infections, dietary deficiency, autoimmune disease, bone marrow infiltration,
  2. RBC - Red blood cell count
    • Norm- m= 4.7- 6.1
    • fm=4.2-5.4

    Increase from- Hight altitude, congenital Heart disease, Polycythemia vera,dehydration, cor pulmonale, pulmonary fibrosis, thalassemia trait, severse COPD

    Decreased from- Hemmorrage , hemolysis, anemia, hemoglobinopathy, advanced cancer,bone marrow failure, leukemia, Renal disease, pregnacy, dietary deficiency
  3. Hgb-Hemoglobin
    • M-14-18
    • FM- 12-16

    Increase- congenital heart disease, Polythemia vera, Hemoconcentration of the blood, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, high altitudes, severe burns, dehydration

    Decrease- Anemia, hemmorage, hemolysis, Hemoglobinopathics, Nutritional deficiency, lymphoma, lupus, kidney disease, chronic hemorrhage, neoplasia
  4. NA+- Sodium
    • Norm- 135-145
    • Increase from- recent trauma, surgery, shock, anabolic steriods, antibiotics, corticosteroids, cough medicines, laxatives, oral contraceptives, estrogens

    Decrease from- ACE inhibitors(for hight blood pressure), captopril, carbamzepine, diuretics,heprin, NSAIDS, sodium free IV fluids, tryciylics antidepressants
  5. serum osmo levels
  6. K+ Potassium
    Norm- 3.5-5.0

    • Increase- Movement of foreare with a tourniquet.
    • Hemolysis of blood during venipunture causes increases levals, drugs, aminocaproic, acid , antibiotics, antineoplastics, captopril, heprin,histamine,lithium ..etc

    Decrease- Drugs, actazolamine, aminosalicylic acid, insulin, laxatives, asprin, penicillian (high doses)
  7. CL- Chloride

    Increase levels - excessive infusions of saline, Drugs acetazolaminde, ammonium chloride, nsaids, estrogens,

    Decrease- Drugs, aldosterone, bicarbonates, corticosteriods, cortisone, hydrocortisone,loop diuretics, triamterene,
  8. Ca+ calcium

    Increase leves- vit d intoxication, excessive ingestion of milk, Drugs alikaline antiacids, androgens, calcium salts, ergocalciferol, hydralazine, lithuim, thiazide direutics,parathyroid horomone (PTH), VIT D, decrease in PH.

    Decrease levals- Hypoalbuminememia, drugs asprin, heparin, diurectics, corticosteroids. Renal failure, Hyperparathroidism, Rickets, alkalosis, fat embolism, Vit d deficiency, malabsorption
  9. Glucose
  10. BUN
    Blood urea nitrogen 7-18
  11. creatine
  12. Albumin
  13. myoglobin
    < 85
  14. Troponin
  15. ck-mb
    • Creatine kinase -mb <6 Normal
    • They begin to rise 4-6 hrs after a heart attack
  16. Digoxin
    0.8-2.0 ng/ml
  17. urine output per hour
    30 ml
  18. urine gravity
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