POL ch 8 terms

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  1. Provides low cost health coverage to children of the working poor, who earn too much to qualify for medicaid but can't afford insurance on their own.
    Childerns Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
  2. Constitutional or statutory requirments that restrict some state tax or fee revenues to spending on specific programs. (ex. Highway Trust Fund)
    Dedicated Funds
  3. Borrowing money to meet operating expenses.
    This is prohibited in TX, our state govt operates on a pay-as-you-go basis.
    Deficit Financing
  4. Unanimus and landmark decision by TX supreme Court in 1989 that ordered TX legislature to devise a more equitable school finance system.
    Edgewood v. Kirby
  5. Method of borrowing money to pay for new construction projects. (ex. Prisons and mental hospitals)
    Interest on these bonds is paid with Tax Revenue.
    General Obligation Bonds
  6. Landmark school reform law enacted in 1984. Reduced class sizes, required teachers to pass literacy tests to keep their jobs, imposed "No pass, No Play" Rule.
    House Bill 72
  7. Restricts failing students from participating in extracurricular activities.
    No pass, no play rule
  8. tax based on a corporations' or individuals' income.
    TX is one of only a few states without a personal income tax.
    Income tax
  9. Loose and informal relationships that exist among a large number of actors who work in broad policy areas.
    Issue networks
  10. Form of gambling, conducted by many states, in which participants purchase tickets that offer an oppurtunity to cash in on a winning number/numbers
    Voters legalized TX lottery in 1991
  11. Tax charged as a set percentage of most retail purchases and many services. Main source of tax revenue for state govt in TX and important source of revenue for many cities and metro transit authorities.
    Sales Tax
  12. Tax on homes, business', and certain other forms of property that is the main source of revenue for local governments. Tax is based on assessed value of the property.
    Property Tax
  13. Nickname for tax on alcohol or tobacco
    Sin tax
  14. A land and mineral-rich endowment that benefits the UT and Texas A&M systems, particularly the flagship universities in Austin ans College Station
    Permanent University Funds (PUF)
  15. Lawsuit in which a federal judge in 1980 declared the TX prison system unconstitutional and ordered sweeping, expensive reforms
    Ruiz v. Estelle (1980)
  16. Supreme Court decision that ruled on consistency on the use of the Death Penalty.
    The case led to a de facto de moratorium on capital punishment.
    Furman v. Georgia (1972)
  17. Supreme Court case involving the use of eminent domain to transfer land from one private owner to another to further economic development
    Kelo v. City of New London
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