Percussion Methods Final

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  1. What three things do you teach at your first snare drum lesson?
    1.) Set up of Snares
  2. What is the second thing you teach at a beginner snare drum lesson?
    2.) Strokes Up, Down, and Full
  3. What is the third thing you teach at a beginner snare drum lesson?
    Introduce Rolls
  4. Define/Teach : Fulcrum
    The balance point of a drum stick. The fulcrum point is the point where the drum stick will get the most bounce when dropped.
  5. What does "rebound" mean in percussion?
    Bounce back through the air after hitting a hard surface or object.
  6. What company(s) makes and sells cymbals?
  7. What company(s) makes and sells cymbals?
  8. What company(s) makes and sells percussion instruments?
    Black Swamp
  9. What company(s) makes and sells percussion instruments?
  10. What company(s) makes and sells percussion instruments?
  11. What company sells drum sticks?
    Vic Firth
  12. What company makes and sells tambourines?
  13. What is most band music written in and why?
    The circle of fourths because most band music is written in flats
  14. Who is the first person we learned sells Wood winds, brass winds and marimbas?
    Steve Weiss?
  15. Who is the second person or company that sells woodwinds, brass winds and marimbas?
    Lone Star
  16. Who is the third person or store that sells brass winds, woodwinds and marimabas?
    Chuck Levins Washington Music Center
  17. On the marimba do we play single stroke or buzz?
    Single strokes
  18. What hand leads up when playing going up the scale?
    Right hand
  19. What hand leads down when playing down a scale?
    Left Hand
  20. How many kinds of keyboard instruments did we learn about?
    Keyboard, marimba, vibraphone,glock, xylophone, chimes
  21. What is the bars marimba made of?
    Rosewood and Paduk
  22. What are vibraphone bars made of ?
  23. What is another material we use to make marimba bars?
  24. What are the sizes of the timpani?
    32, 29,26,23,20
  25. What pitches does the 32" timpani range from?
    D to 2nd line B
  26. What pitches does the 29" timpani range from?
    1st line G to 3rd line B
  27. What pitches does the 26" timpani range from?
    2nd line Bb to 4th line F#
  28. What pitches does the 23" timpani range from?
    3rd line D to B (1st space after 5th line)
  29. What pitches does the 20" timpani rage from?
    4th line F to middle C
  30. What kind of stroke do you use on a timpani?
    A single stroke
  31. What are timpani handles made of?
    Wood or Graphite
  32. What is the head of a timpani mallet made of?
    Felt with tape or more felt inside
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