WW2- History 20

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  1. Lightening war
  2. German political party headed by Hitler
  3. Nickname for the leaders of China, Russia, Great Britain, and the United States
    The Big Four
  4. Name given to German dive bomber
  5. Secret supporters fo the enemy within a nation
    the fifth column
  6. German air force
  7. Another name for the phony war
  8. German Submarine
  9. Political party of Italy
  10. Nickname for Benito Mussolini
    Il Duce
  11. German team for "living space"
  12. Nicname for Hitler
    der Fuhrer
  13. German secret police
  14. Name given for Japanese suicide planes
  15. Nickname for the invasion of Normandy, June 6,1944
  16. Term by which the RAF was best known
    The Few
  17. Site of the greatest amphibious assault in history
  18. Germany's massive air assault on England in 1940 and 1941
    Battle of Britain
  19. Leader of the free French after France fell
    Charles de Gaulle
  20. Japans emperor during WW2
  21. Battle in May 1942 that stopped the Japanese advance towards Australia
    Coral Sea
  22. Line in France bypassed by Germans, string of forts
    Maginot Line
  23. Island site fo the bloodiest battle in Marine Corps history
    Iwo Jima
  24. African nation invaded by Italy in 1935
  25. Island used by the allies to invade Italy
  26. Famous 1944 battle in Belgium, last major German offensive
    Battle of the Bulge
  27. Turning point in the war with Japan
    The naval battle of the Midway
  28. Soviet city which refused to surrender to German troops during the winter of 1942
  29. French coastal city from which 300 000 allied troops were evacuated in May 1940
  30. Conference held on the Crimean Peninsula in February 1945
  31. Hitlers plan to invade England
    Operation Sea Lion
  32. Area invaded by Japan in 1931
  33. Site of the infamous Japanese death march
  34. Bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan
    Enola Gay
  35. Agreement that gave Hitler part of Czechoslovakia in 1938
  36. Agreement not to use war to settle disputes
    Kellog-Briand Pact
  37. Sanctions
    refuse trade
  38. collective security
    all other countries come to the aid of the attacked country
  39. Disarmament commission
    reduce weapon stocks
  40. Eastern Pact
    Agreement not to use war to settle disputes
  41. Locarno treaties
    Treaties of respect in hopes for a peaceful Europe
  42. two aims of the league of nations
    keep peace, make the world a better place
  43. three limitations of the league of nations
    legal mean, sanctions, military involvment
  44. Stresa Front
    Agreement between Italy, France, and Britain condemning Hitler's rearmament of Germany
  45. Protectionism
    method of reducing foreign imports by raising customs duties and thus making foreign goods more expensive
  46. Treaty of Versailles
    Ended WW1, left Germany unhappy and angry
  47. Agreement between Russia and Germany to share Poland
    Nazi-Soviet Pact
  48. Operation Barbarossa
    Germany's plan to invade Russia
  49. scorched-earth policy
    destroy anything the enemy can utilize
  50. Tripartite Axis Pact
    Agreement of Italy, Germany, and Japan to help eachother if attacked
  51. partisans
    civilian resistors
  52. guerilla warfare
    destroying that which the enemy can use
  53. Fascist soldiers following Mussolini
    Black Shirts
  54. Totalitarianism
    Total control
  55. Anchluss
    union between Austria and Germany
  56. sudentenland
    Northern Czech Republic inhabited by Germans, rich in resources
  57. Polish Guarentee
    Britain and France's promise to back Poland if Germany attacked
  58. Pact of Steel
    Mussolini's name for Germany and Italy's military alliance
  59. Which countries fell to the Nazi's?
    Poland, Denmark, Norway, France. Britain stood alone
  60. Operation Yellow
    Germans used blitzkrieg tactics to invade Holland and Belgium to get to France
  61. Vichy
    Government of France that collaborated with the Axis powers
  62. The blitz
    bombings on Britain from September to May
  63. United Nations Declaration
    Document agreed to by 26 governments at the Arcadia conference to defeat the Axis powers
  64. Operation Torch
    American/British invasion of French colonies in Africa
  65. Casablanca Conference
    Meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill to discuss the war
  66. Gustav Line
    German line of defense near Rome
  67. V.E. Day
    May 8, 1945 Victory in Europe day
  68. V.J. Day
    Victory over Japan Day September 3, 1945
  69. Operation Thunderclap
    Massive bombing attacks by Britain to destroy Germany's will to fight
  70. Iwo Jima and Okinawa
    Site fo greatest assaults in history
  71. Dieppe
    Canadian Battle
  72. Years of the war
  73. Year of the greatest axis advance
  74. Year the U.S. entered the war
  75. Year the Russians were attacked by Germany
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