History - Industry

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  1. Who was known for lighting and uses of electricity?
    Thomas Edison
  2. Who was known for the telephone invention?
    Alexander Graham Bell
  3. This movement opposed / was against the making, transporting, selling, or consuming of alcohol.
    Prohibition (19th Amendment)
  4. Name the reasons why cities developed.
    • Specialized industries were introduced
    • Immigration from other countries increased
    • Movement of Americans from rural to urban areas for more job opportunitites
  5. Name the reasons for immigration increasing.
    • Hope for better opportunities
    • Hopes to find religious freedom
    • Escape from oppressive governments
    • Adventure
  6. Rapid industrialization and urbanization led to what?
    Overcrowded immigrant neighborhoods and tenements
  7. Who founded the settlement house known as the Hull House?
    Jane Addams
  8. Indian Chief for the Nez Pierce.
    Chief Joseph
  9. Chief Joseph's famous speech.
    "I will fight no more forever..."
  10. Name the battle that is known as "Custer's Last Stand".
    The Battle of Little Bighorn
  11. Name the challenges faced by cities.
    • Tenements and ghettos formed
    • Political corruption (political machines)
  12. Name the laws that made discrimination practices legal.
    The Jim Crow Laws
  13. Describe the Jim Crow Laws.
    • Made discrimination practices legal in many communities and states
    • Were characterized by unequal opportunities in housing, work, education, and government
  14. He believed equality through education and social separation / segregation.
    Booker T. Washington
  15. He believed in full political, civil, and social rights for all African Americans.
    W.E.B. Du Bois
  16. Who was known for the oil industry?
  17. Who was known for the steel industry?
    Andrew Carnegie
  18. Who was known for the automobile industry?
    Henry Ford
  19. This was known for reducing the cost of production making items affordable so everyone could buy it.
    The assembly line
  20. Name the negative effects of Big Business.
    • Child laber
    • Low wages, yet long hours
    • Unsafe working conditions
  21. Groups of trade unions united and formed what?
    The American Federation of Labor
  22. The American Federation of Labor (AFL) represented who? What was the strike called where the workers had and lead to a union breakup / collapse?
    • It represented labor workers
    • The Homestead Strike
  23. Who was the Captain of Industry for railroads?
    Cornelius Vanderbilt
  24. What did political machines do?
    • Used money to bribe
    • Overcharged
    • Bribed immigrants by attending to their needs
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