1-25 top Qur'anic words

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  1. qawala
    to say
  2. kaana
    to be
  3. amana
    to believe
  4. 'alama
    to know
  5. ja'ala
    to make
  6. kafara
    to disbelieve
  7. jayaa
    to come
  8. 'amala
    to do, to work
  9. taay
    to give
  10. raay
    to see
  11. atee
    to come, to bring
  12. shayaa
    to will, to wish
  13. khalaqa
    to create
  14. nazala
    to send down, to reveal
  15. kadhaba
    to deny, to reject
  16. da'awa
    to call, to invite, to pray
  17. waqaya
    to be righteous
  18. hadaya
    to guide
  19. rawada
    to intend, to desire, to want, to wish
  20. taba'a
    to follow
  21. rasala
    to send
  22. akhadha
    to take
  23. 'abada
    to serve, to worship
  24. Thalama
    to oppress, to wrong
  25. saala
    to ask
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