26-50 top Qur'anic words

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  1. wajada
    to find
  2. kharaja
    to bring forth, to drive out
  3. akala
    to eat, to consume
  4. layasa
    to not be
  5. fa'ala
    to do
  6. naThara
    to look, to see
  7. dhakara
    to remember, to mention
  8. khawafa
    to fear, to be afraid
  9. qatala
    to kill
  10. raja'a
    to return
  11. sama'a
    to hear, to listen
  12. walaya
    to turn
  13. amara
    to order, to command
  14. dakhala
    to enter
  15. jazaya
    to reward, to recompense
  16. Tawa'a
    to obey
  17. waHaya
    to reveal, to inspire
  18. sharaka
    to associate partners
  19. laqaya
    to cast, to throw, to meet, to offer
  20. wa'ada
    to promise
  21. nafaqa
    to spend
  22. ghafara
    to forgive
  23. Hababa
    to love, to like
  24. Sawaba
    to strike, to befall, to bestow
  25. Dalala
    to let go astray, to mislead
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