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  1. Harriet Beecher Stowe
    author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
  2. Nicholas Biddle
    37 year old philadelphia businesmann become president of the National band in 1832
  3. Union Blockade
    entire sout was blocked off my North Navy ships
  4. hunley
    primitive submarine as a southern attempt to defeat the blockade
  5. Blockade runners
    smuggling goods through the blockade
  6. battle of antiethan
    sep 17 1862 12,00 north and 10,000 south casualities
  7. battler of gettysburn
    23,000 north & 22,500 south casualities
  8. batlle of Chattanooga
    • union forces tooke over the city
    • crontrolled Souths major rail road hub
    • Grants pop. and staus rises
  9. battle of chancellorsville
    • regarded as last major CSA victory
    • Gen Joe Hooker bs Gen Robert E. Lee
    • is what led to hookers replacment by Ulyssess Grant
  10. seige of Vicksburg
    • may 18-july 4 1863
    • morth to controll the Mississippi river cut off tx, ar, la
    • ran of of food, bad water most pop succumbed toillness cuty surreneds july 4
  11. Gen william T sherman
    marc to the sea Alanta to savannah destroyed everything along the way
  12. John Wikes Booth
    confedrate sympathizer assassined Lincoln
  13. ten percent plan
    a stat is readmitted into the union if 10% of its pop took a loyalty oath ot the US

    LA & AR remided by 1864
  14. wade davis plan
    50% of pop must take loyalty oath and renounce slavery
  15. Andrew Johnson
    • no expected him to be president (choses and VP for politican rasons)
    • contnuation of lincolns politys (leniency & 10% plan)
    • increases tensions in congress
  16. Black codes
    plethora of laws that restricted civil liberties of freed slaves

    designed to keep african americans in a condition of slavery
  17. radical republicans
    • punish the south led by Taddeus Stevens and Charles Sunner
    • suffrage for blacks federal protection of former slaves
    • gained power in congress by 1867
  18. 13 amendment
    abolished slavery
  19. Freemans Bureau
    • to help intergrated former slaves into society
    • (schools, churchs, 40 acres and a mule,)
    • Johns agrees with it but kills it bc of tension with congress
  20. civil rights act of 1866
    nullifed black coded

    gaurantees basic right for former slaves
  21. 14 amendment
    all bersons born or naturalies in the us are citzens of the US and that no state could abridge their rights w/o due process of law or deny tem equal protection of law
  22. radical reconstruction
    • congress now has the ability to render the president powerless
    • new phase of reconstruction
    • militayr rule: the army will occupy te south
  23. tenure of office act
    the president cannot remove caninet member w/o senate approval
  24. Ulysses S. grant
    • elected wi much fan fare (war hero)
    • better militay leader than pliticains
    • alcholism affect his performance
    • his administrason was rocked by sancdal
  25. caroet baggers
    northern opportunist who came south to reap the spoils ov victory
  26. scalawags
    Southern wo sided with N for personal gain
  27. Ku Klux Klan
    1866 former CSA soldiers in pulaski Tn creatd a fraternity to pull pranks against te US troops in S quickly moved to vilance againss soldiers, balcks, carpetbaggers and scalawags

    "Family Circle"
  28. force acts
    outlawed KKK but was too late
  29. 15 amendment
    states cannot denay male citzed te right to vote bc of race, color or previouse condition of servitude
  30. the new old south
    attempt to rvives the antebllum south
  31. Share cropping
    blacks and poor whites are kept perpetually indebted
  32. Jim Crow society
    • social structe in which blacks are subornated to wites
    • jews an hispanics granted whiteness in most of S
    • attmept to use chines as new form of cheap labor
  33. plessy vs ferguson
    the supreme court ruled seprate but equal was contitution
  34. era of good fellings
    after the war of 1812
  35. 2nd bank of the US.
    charted for 20 years headquarted in philadelpia
  36. missouri compromise
    • main enters as free states; missouri as a slave state
    • no slaver states allowed north of 36-30
    • jefferson this is the deth knell of the nuion
  37. nonroe doctrine
    • european nation sould sotp attempts as colonizing the western hemisphere and leave the americnas alone existing colonies would be grandfattered
  38. election of 1860
    • demo. party slpits N - stephen A douglas & s- John c breckenridge
    • new repubilcan party & constituion Union party
  39. Reblican party
    new in 1860 elevtion atracted old whigs
  40. constituional union party
    • moderation with north and south
    • John Bell was their candiated in 1860 election
  41. James Buchana
    a do nothing president merely admonished SC let the new president deal wiht it
  42. John C. Breckenridge
    the souths democratic candiate for the 1860 election
  43. Stephen Douglas
    the Norths democratic candiate for the 1860 election
  44. John Bell
    Constiutional Union Party candate for the 1860 election
  45. battle of fort Sumter
    conferates surronuned the fort Union troops refused to surrender it to te new gov. the confedrates began shelling and the US were not prepared us troopps surrendered after 30 hours
  46. Abraham Lincoln
    • born to poverty ony 18 months in school self taught
    • frontier lawyer gained pop after the lincon douglas debates.
  47. seccession covention
    feb 7 1861 adopted a prvisional constitution Montogmery AL was cop. Jefferson davis president and alxander stephen was VP
  48. west virgina
    the wester parto fo VA sceddes from state becoming WV
  49. Jefferson Davis
    born to wealth, highly educated mexican american war hero states right advoctate
  50. Bureau of internatal revenue
    way to finaning the war in north
  51. Green back
    was birth of paper money
  52. Legal tender act
    $450,000,000 in paper money
  53. first battle of bull run
    • Manassa VA pickiners came for enterainment
    • Irwin Mcdowell vs Gen PGT Beauregaurd
    • soutern reinforcements led to a N. rout
  54. Wilomt proviso
    no clavery in territories cnquered form mexico
  55. Kansas Nevraska crises
    • bleeding kansas
    • brooks sumner incedent
  56. Republican party
    • 1852 weaked due to sectional tension
    • decline and death of kig and know nothing parites
    • N cration of republican party grows quick in N not recognized in S
  57. Millared filimore
    which 1856 election
  58. transcontinetal rail road
    rail like linking east wit ports in claifornia for trade wit aisa
  59. dread soct case
    • moved to minnesota a free state witha master the owner never freeed ime and died quesiton if a slave is moved to a free stae will be free?
    • supreme court citing fugitive slave law slaves are not freed by setting foot in free slave case thrown out
  60. fugitive slave law
    slave are not freed by setiting foot in a free state
  61. Lincoln douglas debates
    steben douglas vs abraham lincoln lssues: lincoln to souglas is slavery wrong and should candidates take moral stance agains the issue is democray and the issuer of slavery is to be determined by te ppl doglas win re-eleved to te ssenate linconl proelled into the nation spotlight
  62. John brown
    claimed te lord sent hime to destroy slavery
  63. Harpers Ferry raid
    VA with 21 men took plantion onwers hostage killed 4 ppl called on slave rebels
  64. Iron plow
    made praking up the soil eaiser

    made in North
  65. mechanical reaper
    invented ny Cyrus Mcormick in virgina replaced need to sow by hand 2 ppl can do 12 acres in one day
  66. erie canal
    tied trade bw the north and west
  67. Gail Borden
    condensed milk
  68. Lowell Idea
    • in walth, MA francis C Lwell: testilemills himre teeange girls during winter as cheap labor
    • school and work in winter home for sume like dorms with strick rules
    • idea failed due to cheap labor
  69. Nativism
    anit-immiragion anat=gonism towrd immigrant jews and ctholics
  70. Know nothing party
    was nativism
  71. cotton kind
    cotton gin
  72. sotheren society
    • dived bw black an white
    • not all whites are slave holders poor whites had no slaves or land
  73. free blacks
    • by manumission or self purchase
    • subjed to legal restrictions cannot testify agains whites in court
  74. war of 1812
    • pres James madioson
    • briths did not want war wit US but madison ask for war. declared war bs of neutral rights, frontier indian attacks, desire to take ovver canada, natinonal honor
    • finaced with te bank of US. miliaty was in bad shape hadINdian uprisings,no on won war in end was a draw with Treay of Ghent
  75. John c Calhoun
    • ainte frealist vestige
    • states rigts over nationlism
  76. Henry clay
    • americn stystem boost industry to lessen dependence on european importnas
    • taxes to invrease revenue
  77. national road
    1st federall funed interstate road network
  78. canal fever
    conned rual communited wit sitys in the NE
  79. Ainti msonic party
    against secret societyies
  80. James monroe
    vs rufus king in 1816

    runs unoppes in 1820
  81. trail of tears
    indians were forced to leave their land an move to new lands
  82. spoils system
    practive of reqrding loyal party menbers with jobs in gov
  83. indian removal act of 1830
    a bill saying indains must leave
  84. Santa Anna
    president of mexico in 1834 that lead attack during texas revolution
  85. Sam Houston
    leader for the texas side in the texas revolution
    a 15 min battle were texans captured Santa Anna and freed the men he captured
  87. Stephen F. Austin
    was one o the first new wave of american land agents in texas selling land at almost no cost
  88. compromist of 1850
    Calfirna be a free state

    • the rest of mexican cession be dived into new mexico and utha w/ slavery
    • abloist slave trade in columbia but not slavery
    • strickter laws to reclaim run away slaves
  89. bleeding kansas
    a politcal race to decide if kansas was to be a free or slave state
  90. Lecompton
    a state constitution for KA wrote in lacompton that made slavery legall
  91. Charles Sumner
    republican senator gave the "crime agains kansas speech"
  92. presont brooks
    memer of congress form SC was pissed Sumner insulted him and his state and a few days later went up to sumner and just started beating the shit out of him sout made him a hero
  93. emancipation proclamation
    freed slaves
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