MH 30 Chap 10

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  1. The procedure through which an employer determines the duties of a position and the characteristics of an individual who should be hired
    Job Analysis
  2. A process that produces job description and job specification
    Job Analysis
  3. What are the 8 Elements of a Job Analysis
    • 1. Duties and Task
    • 2. Methods
    • 3. Results
    • 4. Required Knowledge and Skill
    • 5. Essential Functions
    • 6. Entry Requirements in terms of Eduaction and Experience
    • 7. Worker Characteristics
    • 8. The Context of the Work
  4. The major acitivities associated with the Job
  5. Teh detailed activities associated with the Job
  6. The ways in which duties and task are carried out
  7. The accomplishments that are expected when duties and task are completed
  8. The knowledge the worker must have in order to perform the duties and task
    Required Knowledge and Skill
  9. The activities the person who holds the position must be able to perform
    Essential Functions
  10. The level of Education and Experience required of the person who holds the position
    Entry requirements in terms of Education and Experience
  11. Factors such as location on the organizational chart, supervision and workload expectations
    The Context of the Work
  12. 4 Methods of Collecting Job Analysis Information
    • 1. Job Ananlysis Interviewing
    • 2. Job Analysis Questionares
    • 3. Observation
    • 4. Diaries and Logs
  13. Name 2 Elements of Job Specification
    • 1. Knowledge and Skill
    • 2. Qualifications
  14. Name 3 Elements of Job Description
    • 1. Job Title and Summary Information
    • 2. Duties, Responsibilities and Essential Function
    • 3. Reporting, Supervision and Collaborative Relationships
  15. A document that includes selected items from the job description and job specification, with additions that provide information about the application process
    Job Announcement
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Using Job Analysis as a Basic for Ensuring Consistency with the Human Resources System
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