Evergreen id. 8

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    Buxus sempervirens

    Common Boxwood

    Zone 5

    Leaf elongates outward and is rounded at the top, used a lot for hedging, doesn't like hot/dry conditions, very adaptive, if not hedged grows into deltoidy shape, low light tolerant. Grows 10-15' high and wide.
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    Camellia japonica

    Japanese Camellia

    Zone 7

    Shrub, needs low light or a protected light senario, lustrous dark green life, stiff cardboardy leaf, serrated margin, flowers in reds, pinks, and whites; stiff upright growing habit. Blossom peony-like in shape. Specimin for flower. Grows 10-15' high and wide.
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    Camellia sasanqua

    Sasanqua Camellia

    Zone 7

    Pink, purple, red, and white flowers; needs low light, branching has kind of floppy/ out and down habit, stiff cardboardy leaf, serrated leaf edge, more elongated than the japanese camellia, open middle flower, specimin for flower. Grows 6-10' tall and 4-6' wide.
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    Pyracantha coccinea


    Known for orangish red berries, berries come on in the fall, thorny, used as barriers, blooms heavily in the spring, topiary. Grows 10-20' high and wide.
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    Loropetalum chinensis

    Fringe Flower

    Zone 7

    Pinkish green leaves, course pubescense (fuzz), used in massing, blooms in the spring, has flowers yr. round, white or deep pinkish purpley flowers, flowers are a half moon shape with fingers coming out of it. Specimin for color and flowers. Grows 6' high and wide.
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    Passiflora spp.

    Passion vine

    Zone 9

    Beautiful bizzare flowers! Always in bloom, aggressive vine, simple tri-leaf (lobed), tendrils, comes in purple, white, and red tones, creates an edible fruit (passion fruit), Used for Arbor and trellising. Specimin for flower. Length 20-30'.
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    Pieris japonica

    Japanese Pieris

    Zone 5

    Humid requiring, blossoms in spring with white bell-shaped flowers, in summer produces yellowish berry, leaves come out in a helicopter blade fashion, used for massing or as a background shrub, specimin for flower. Grows 10-12' tall and 6-8' wide.
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    Raphiolepis indica

    Indian Hawthorne

    Zone 7

    Blooms heavily , used a lot in warmer areas- especially in zone 9 areas, used for massing or groundcover, easy to care for, lustrous dark green leaf, flower goes from white to pink, then to a purple berry about the size of a blueberry, spring blooming, inexpensive, stiff cardboardish leaf. Grows 4' tall and 4-5' wide.
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    Viburnum davidii

    David Viburnum

    Zone 7

    Bush, long venation that the leaf sometimes buckles around, low light requiring, used in massing, umbella shaped white flowers, fruits with a robin's egg blue berry, used in massing, Specimin for fruit and flower. Grows 4-5' high and wide.
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    Viburnum rhytidophyllum

    Leather leaf Viburnum

    Zone 6

    Soft bumpy fuzzy leaf, a lot of orangish brown fuzz, white umbrella shaped flower, blooms in the spring and then produces red berries, tolerates low and high light, used in screening and massing. Grows 10-15' high and wide.
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    Liriope muscari

    Lily turf

    Zone 5

    Plasticy rubbery leaves, Leaves are narrow, long and pointy (but not sharp). Flowers with a 8"ish flower spike, and then produces a bright blue fruit. Needs humidity. Grows 6-8" high and wide.
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    Ophiopogon japonicus

    Mondo Grass

    Zone 6

    "Cute moppy mound", thin leaf feels like grass, but is not grass, low light tolerant, specimin for habit, used in massing and as a border plant. Grows 10-12" high and wide.
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    Cupressus sempervirens

    Italian Cypress

    Zone 7

    Upright formal trees, used for formal look, framing, and as a screen, xeric, grows straight up and down, cone is a quarter sized soccer ball shape, scales (super small) so tightly placed, creates box shape. Grows 20-30' tall and 3' wide.
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    Cupressus arizonica

    Arizona Cypress

    Zone 6

    Larger scales, not upright, broad deltoidy shape, xeric, blueish tone (blue spruce of arizona), trunk peely cool pattern, cone same as italian cypress. Grows 40-50' tall and spreads 20-30'.
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    Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana'

    Dwarf Hinoki False Cypress

    Zone 4

    Fan-like grouping of scales, kind of open but not, hollywood juniper of false cypresses, funky branching, specimin for habit. Grows 10' high and wide.
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    Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Filicoides'

    Fernspray False Cypress

    Zone 4

    Long fern feathery scale groupings, not weeping. Grows 10' high and wide.
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    Chamaecyparis pisifera filifera 'Aurea'

    Golden Threadbranch False Cypress

    Zone 5

    Needs humidity and prefers low light, new growth is thread-like, awls, yellowish look, moppy shape. Grows 3-7' high and wide.
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