Spanish II: 6-1

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  1. ¡Al contrario!
    Not at all! As a matter of fact...
  2. los animales de peluche
    stuffed animals
  3. columpiarse
    to swing (on a swing)
  4. compartir los juguetes
    to share toys
  5. contar (ue) chistes/cuentos
    to tell jokes/stories
  6. de pequeño(a)
    as a child
  7. los dibujos animados
  8. echar carreras
    to run races
  9. fascinar
    to love
  10. fastidiar
    to bother
  11. hacer travesuras
    to play tricks
  12. jugar
    to play
  13. a la casita
  14. a las damas
  15. al escondite
    hide and seek
  16. con bloques
    with blocks
  17. con carritos
    with cars
  18. al pilla-pilla
  19. las láminas
    trading cards
  20. llevarse bien/mal
    to get along well/badly
  21. molestar
    to bother
  22. las muñecas
  23. odiar
    to hate
  24. pelearse
    to fight
  25. ¿Qué te gustaba hacer cuando tenías ___ años?
    What did you like to do when you were ___ years old?
  26. sacar buenas/malas notas
    to get good/bad grades
  27. saltar a la cuerda
    to jump rope
  28. trepar a los árboles
    to climb trees
  29. el (la) astronauta
  30. ¿Con qué soñabas?
    What did you dream of (being when you grew up)?
  31. Solía...
    I used to...
  32. Soñaba con ser...
    I dreamed of being...
  33. ¿Qué querías ser?
    What did you want to be?
  34. ¿Qué hacías de niño(a)?
    What did you use to do when you were a little boy/girl?
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Talking about what you used to like and dislike, talking about what you used to do and what you wanted to be.
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