FP3 God is love

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  1. What is eros for B?
    Eros is the love between men and women, can be reduced to pure sex, must be disciplined
  2. what is agape? what is phillia?
    seeks the love of the beloved. love of friendship, love between Jesus and his disciples; form one body with all Christians
  3. what is the final aim of charity?
    justice, make here and now the love that every men needs (Church's main concern)
  4. how is Charity unique in the Catholic sense?
    charity is the experience of personal encounter with Christ, independent of parties and ideology
  5. How does B address the Nietzche?
    Nietzche thinks that Christianity poisons eros; passions are vice. Pope says that Christianity is nothing against eros; need to have a balance between agape and eros. need to have eros, passions and eros give you life, fulfill you but wihtout the ordering of eros it can be redued to mere sex. Far from poisoning eros, Christianity heals it and returns it to its true grandeur.
  6. How does B address F?
    • Freud believes that you can't love universally, you can only love someone that is here and present. Love for someone that you don't even know is impossible. B argues that in the notion of Christian love that it is possible to love universally, love of neighbor through the love of Jesus Christ; everyone is in some way a manifestation of Christ in your life. If you love Jesus, you can love another. nothing anti-thetical to loving your neighbor even though you may not knwo him or her
    • Freud reduces eros to mere sex drive, but eros in the ancient tradition is wanting to know everything and anything; if we think about it in the sex orientation, it loses its transcendent quality. We live in a culture where there're not that healthy notion of sex. Giving of yourself to another in a healthy way is transcendance.
    • temporal eros structured by agape allows it to be what it should be.
  7. How does B address marx?
    Marx says that Charity is not helpful, poor needs justice and equal footing. B: charity is part of theological virtues, willingness to give yourself to others in time donation or resources, motivated by the face that it is Christ who is present in this situation (donating) Christ is in the mist of those who suffer. If we love Christ, we will lveo others in the best way we can. Different than just giving out money, comes back to the reason why you are doing what you are doing. We don't want to reduce it to the same thing. Charity is willing to give and sacrifice of oneself.
  8. If city is an organized commonwealth around justice, then what happens? How does this relate to our call? B
    then there was never a city (Augustine). City always has just and unjust things. Cal lis to bring about more justice. There is always a dialect relationship, hope that one generation will be more generous than the next
  9. how is the eros disciplined? B
    through the virtues. Moderation is the most importnat. Don't let your passions interefere
  10. What two dimensions help men attain full stature? who does he sounds like? B
    body and soul. we are a unity identity whole. Both matter and spirit are intimately related to one another. soul and body are united. your soul is as much in your thumbnail as elsewhere. it is the operation of this spirit that makes the body what it is. Sounds like Pascal (great and wretched, angelism (denies body) and beastiality (denies soul)) body is as important part of who you are as anything else
  11. what does all source of knowledge begin with?
    all knowledge begins with wonder. eros is this capacity to transcend yourself
  12. What is the problem with eros? problem with agape?
    problem with eros is the way in which it can be reduced. problem with agape is that it denies our bodies and that we are sexually attracted to other human beings. Healthy way to think about this: Eros is to be properly ordered to how to love God
  13. How does love God and do as you will fit with the discussion of Eros and agape?
    love God and you are free to do whatever you want. Loving God and the experience of God's love for you is agape. This is what shapes the eros to the extent that it becomes well ordered and in all that you do.
  14. How does one grow in knowledge?
    love more and more of that person who you claim to love by understading more and more about her. Grow in understanding of who God is. Can't know anythign until you first come to love that person (Augustine). This is the way we are talking about the experience of falling in love with creation, in the process you discover more about God.
  15. how is eros ascending love and agape descending love? How does one transcend oneself?
    • eros: transcend onelsef by asking transcendent questions. Eros is this movement that is manifestsed in the questions that you ask to transcendence, to move to a richer horizon.
    • Agape love is associated with Christ. With the help of Christ, we can experience the 1)Trinity pouring out its love to all of us through 2) grace in order to transcend ourseleves and 3) draw us into relationship with God
    • God's love (descending love) poured out to our hearts to meet the ascending love.
    • Love is the object of what we want to understand and God is revealing himself to us by the act of loving us in our lives
  16. What does Aquinas think the erotic desire is?
    to know God and His totality. to be in union with that which is greater than ourselves
  17. Ascending and descending love part deux
    God is the object of what we want to understand; we are searching, searching is made possible b/c of the descending love of God flooding our hearts that we have in some level of our being accepted.
  18. What is the relation of agape and eros?
    Triune God (agape) is the way in which Eros has been sibilated and brought to what it ought to be.
  19. How does Aquinas argument of grace build into our conversation of agape and eros
    grace builds upon nature, enables us to be what we should be b/c of our fall. If there was no fall, Eros would never be subject to corruption, but b/c of sin, agape love is need to bring Eros to the fulfillmetn of what it should be. Grace, God's self-gift of lvoe helps our nature be what it should have been but b/c of sin, it became problematic
  20. What does it mean to be truly in love with God?
    live out your life as God intended it to be lived out. Grace perfects us.
  21. How does Luther contrast Aquinas in his belief of human nature?
    Luther didn't think there was any hope for human nature. only way to save human nature is faith; we are clothed in this overcoat that makes us pleasing, but underneath the coat, we are still rotten creatures. For Aquinas, grace is not something that covers us over, it is that which is in our hearts and that makes us more authentic in terms of what we should have always been.
  22. How is God's love manifested in Psalms?
    can be interpreted as erotic love of poetry between husband and wife or erotic in which God is loving the Hebrew people. Hebrews are searching to find this love that God is continuously pouring out to them. Searching for (ascending), searching after (descending) God is constantly searching for us to love us, constantly love us that hopefully we will open our hearts up for what it is God wants to bring about. God is working overtime for us to bring us into His love (Ignatius), to enter into our hearts.
  23. What is Eros and can it be brought to a level of authenticity?
    Eros will always fall short of that level of authenticity. it is about passion, self-giving, self-gift. Passion can be perverted.
  24. how should the church work for justice?
    justice is the work of politics, not of the church. During the reformation, church was compromised b/c of its involvement in politics; Church's job is not to run for any political office. Church is to support and care for the poor and to remind men and women of the need to pursue for justice, to continue to preach Gospel and giving to those who are in desperate need. The way in which the need to think about social structure and that need to be reordered to bring about jsutice that is needed.
  25. What is Aristotle's notion of unmoved mover? what is B trying to point out?
    Divine love is the unmoved mover: desire of love for every being. Divine being moves everything but is himself unmoved. There is something attarctive about the unmover that moves the universe towards it (impersonal) just this activity of attracting and in that attraction causes motion. For B, beginning with the Jews, God reveals himself; God wants to be personal, to draw women and men to Himself and give the fullness of God to each men and women. He wants to be in communion with us and us with him.
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