Bobby's Random Notes XXIV

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  1. This leader won the Battle of Vercellae
  2. This leader won the Battle of Aquae Sextiae
  3. This leader won the Battle of Cimbri
  4. Liu Bang was the first emperor of this dynasty
    Han Dynasty
  5. This king signed the Treaty of Nemours
    Henry IV
  6. The first ruler of this name earned the nickname "Moneybags"
  7. One of these rulers was the father of Dmirti Donskoy
  8. This hotel was bombed in Israel in the 1940s
    King David Hotel
  9. Joseph Johnston replaced Braxton Bragg after this battle
    Battle of Chattanooga
  10. Orchard Gap and Rossville Gap are two main theaters of this campaign
    Chattanooga Campaign
  11. Job Shattuck was the other main leader of this rebellion
    Shay's Rebellion
  12. This commander ousted Alexander Vassilchikov in the Russo-Turkish War
  13. Reynolds v US outlawed this practice
  14. This king was criticized in the Casement Report
    Leopold II
  15. This prime minister emerged as prime minister after the "Coupon Election"
    David Lloyd George
  16. This prime minister developed the People's Budget
    David Lloyd George
  17. This country gained independence in the Thousand Days' War
  18. The Sonderbund War occurred in this country
  19. Lourenco de Almeida was the first European to found stuff on this island
    Sri Lanka
  20. This man was James K Polk's vice president
    George Mifflin Dallas
  21. This man succeeded Elbridge Gerry as vice president under James Monroe
    Daniel Tompkins
  22. This man was the shortest-serving vice president
    William Rufus de vane King
  23. This case involving Georgia property rights was the first to rule a state law unconstitutional
    Fletcher v Peck
  24. Tecumseh and Blue Jacket were part of this tribe
  25. This tribe went on the "Long Walk" to Fort Sumter
  26. This protocol outlines the requirements for EU membership
    Copenhagen Protocol
  27. French intervention in this event was named Operation Turquoise
    Rwandan Genocide
  28. One emperor from this empire defeated Tushratta of the Mitanni
    Assyrian Empire
  29. Mihinda was the son of this ruler
  30. This man created the lion capital at Sarnath
  31. Operation Cyclone was an attempt to aid rebels in this country
  32. This ruler's advisor Antonio Perez murdered Juan de Escobedo
    Philip II
  33. Henry Simpson McComb released letters related to this scandal
    Credit Mobilier Scandal
  34. Simon de Montfort led a rebellion against this ruler
    Henry III
  35. The Second Barons' War was a rebellion against this ruler
    Henry III
  36. This pope instituted Gregory VII's reforms
    Urban II
  37. This explorer landed after sighting Mount Easter
    Pedro Cabral
  38. This explorer founded a settlement at Cochin
    Pedro Cabral
  39. One phase of this war was the Third War of Italian Independence
    Seven Weeks War
  40. The Battle of Lissa was fought during this war
    Seven Weeks War
  41. The Gastein Convention led to this conflict
    Seven Weeks War
  42. Dresden is the capital of this German state
  43. This man owned a steamboat business on the Hudson River
    Cornelius Vanderbilt
  44. This guy was president of Gabon for 42 years
    Omar Bongo
  45. This guy was a crazy dictator in the CAR
    Jean Bokassa
  46. This guy led Nyasaland and renamed it Malawi
    Hastings Banda
  47. This man is the dictator of Equatorial Guinea
    Teodoro Obiang
  48. The USS Washington captured this ship which led to a court case
  49. This leader wrote many articles for the Granma
    Fidel Castro
  50. This king was implicated in the kidnapping and murder of the Ruthven brothers
    James I
  51. The Octavians helped this king gain power
    James I
  52. Ellen Gould White co-founded this religion
    Seventh Day Adventists
  53. This group influenced the Swing Riots
  54. This group of "Army of Redressers" was defended by Lord Byron
  55. Woodrow Wilson invaded and occupied this Latin American nation
    Dominican Republic
  56. La Trinitaria and Pedro Santana formed this country's constitution
    Dominican Republic
  57. This woman is Obama's Secretary of Labor
    Hilda Solis
  58. Macapagal preceded this man as president of the Philippines
    Ferdinand Marcos
  59. This philosopher wrote Three Philosophical Opponents
    George Santayana
  60. This thinker posited that consciousness is based in "instances of awareness"
    George Santayana
  61. This general moved the Cherokees along the Trail of Tears to New Echota
    Winfield Scott
  62. This woman declared Palmyra independent from Rome
  63. This Ming emperor moved his capital to Beiing
  64. There were no streets in this city that was a bunch of rooms bunched together
    Catal Huyuk
  65. The Bismarck Sea was sunk during this battle
    Battle of Iwo Jima
  66. This thinker wrote about the title disciplines of analysis, introspection, experiment, and comparison
    William James
  67. For the War Department, this guy surveyed the Columbia River
    John C Fremont
  68. This man recruited the "Potsdam Giants," who were abnormally large soldiers
    Frederick William I
  69. This empire won the Battle of Buffalo River
  70. This ruler supplanted an empire led by Astyages
    Cyrus the Great
  71. This Defense Minister was forced out of power after the death of Stalin
    Nikolai Bulganin
  72. This city is the third-largest city in Spain
  73. This is the largest Basque city
  74. This government launched the Vel'd'Hiv Raids
    Vichy France
  75. This president gave the controversial Winona Speech
    William Taft
  76. This president defended the Payne-Aldrich tariff
    William Taft
  77. This Canadian PM was succeeded by Kim Campbell
    Brian Mulroney
  78. This act was preceded by the NRA
    Wagner Act
  79. This war was interrupted by the Twelve Years' Truce
    Eighty Years' War
  80. This man's son Robert of Clermont got married, starting the Bourbon line
    Louis IX
  81. The Lackawanna Conference was involved in the negotiations following this war
    War of the Pacific
  82. This man was succeeded as prime minister by Sir Robert Borden
    Wilfrid Laurier
  83. This Confederate general could not capture Washington DC in his Shenandoah Valley Campaign
    Jubal Early
  84. This prime minister was a political rival of Charles James Fox
    William Pitt the Younger
  85. This conflict was ended by the Convention of Mortefontaine
    Quasi War
  86. This ruler won the Battle of Khanua
  87. Louis the Pious of this dynasty made his son Bernard King of Italy
  88. Fan Noli tried to liberalize this country
  89. This country was made free by the Vlore Proclamation
  90. What country did Pyrrhus have his famous victory over?
  91. In this president's inaugural speech, he advocated a 6 year term and no reelection
    Rutherford B Hayes
  92. This people succeeded the Villanovan culture
  93. This Roman emperor was the nephew of Constantine
    Julian the Apostate
  94. The California Column fought this group of indians
  95. This scandal brought down the government of Harold MacMillan
    Profumo Affair
  96. This guy opposed Vietnam with Estes Kefauver and replaced Howard Baker
    Al Gore Sr
  97. This war was effectively ended with the Mystic Massacre
    Pequot War
  98. This religious denomination split after the Pittsburgh Platform
    Reform Judaism
  99. This native american tribe became the sixth member of the Iroquois Confederacy
  100. This man's son Sextus fought Octavian and Anthony in Sicily
  101. This dynasty beat the Tang Dynasty at the Battle of Talas
    Abbasid caliphate
  102. One splinter group of this dynasty was the Ghaznavid Dynasty
    Abbasid Caliphate
  103. This country was reformed after WWI in the Aster Revolution
  104. This vice president criticized Gary Hart
    Walter Mondale
  105. These two countries are divided by the Radcliffe Line
    • India
    • Pakistan
  106. This Portuguese king was assassinated in 1908
    Carlos the Martyr
  107. There was a succession crisis in this country after the death of Sebastian I
  108. Tostig was the brother of what king?
    Harold Godwinson
  109. This battle saw fighting at the "ghost front"
    Battle of the Bulge
  110. Operation Bodenplatte was launched at this battle
    Battle of the Bulge
  111. Jamaica Pass was the site of a battle on this island
    Long Island
  112. Gottfried von Swieten and Count von Kaunitz advised this leader
    Maria Theresa
  113. Jacob Brinkerhoff authored this piece of legislation
    Wilmot Proviso
  114. This guy gave a sermon calling the Plymouth Colony to be a "city upon a hill"
    John Winthrop
  115. The Craggs family was ruined after this event
    South Sea Bubble
  116. Thomas Guy lost money in this event
    South Sea Bubble
  117. Claire Chennault led this fighting force
    Flying Tigers
  118. This thinker wrote New Essays on Human Understanding
    Gottfried Liebnitz
  119. This thinker wrote Theodicee
    Gottfried Liebnitz
  120. One theater of this war was the "Tanker War"
    Iran-Iraq War
  121. This war began after the breakdown of the Algiers Accord
    Iran-Iraq War
  122. This pharaoh ordered the construction of Cleopatra's Needles
    Thutmose III
  123. This region lost the Battles of Cynocephalae and Pydna
  124. The Battle of Fish Creek brought down this rebellion
    Metis Rebellion
  125. Guillermo Endara succeeded this man as president
    Manuel Noriega
  126. This empire succeeded the Chenla Kingdom
    Khmer Empire
  127. This country was forced to sign the rough Treaty of Neuilly
  128. This country was affected by the Radomir Rebellion
  129. Aleksandar Stamboliski organized agrarian reforms in this country
  130. William Miller was this presidential candidate's vice president
    Barry Goldwater
  131. Timothy Dwight and James McGready partially led this event
    Second Great Awakening
  132. This war ended with the Treaty of Casco
    King Philip's War
  133. Nine Men's Misery was a massacre in this war
    King Philip's War
  134. The Great Swamp Fight effectively ended this war
    King Philip's War
  135. This emperor put down Nayan's Rebellion
    Ghengis Khan
  136. This prime minister wrote the Tamworth Manifesto
    Robert Peel
  137. This man refused to succeed Lord Melbourne in the Bedchamber Crisis
    Robert Peel
  138. These two countries participated in the "Blood in the Water" match
    • Hungary
    • USSR
  139. This guy ran with Andrew Donelson in 1856
    Millard Fillmore
  140. This election saw Millard Fillmore run as a Know-Nothing
    Election of 1856
  141. Robert Todd Lincoln led this country for 30 years
    Pullman Railroad Car Company
  142. Boniface of Montferrat partly led this conflict
    Fourth Crusade
  143. Prigg v Pennsylvania was related to this act
    Fugitive Slave Act
  144. This woman was raped, an event that eventually began the Roman Republic
  145. This Roman hero defended and burned down a bridge
  146. This Roman conquered Veii and was the five-time dictator of Rome
  147. The League of Public Weal was organized against this king
    Louis IX
  148. This guy was the Minister-President under Josef Terboven
    Vidkun Quisling
  149. This man was a humanitarian for Fridtjof Nansen
    Vidkun Quisling
  150. There was an assassination attempt on this man's advisor Albert Hagelin
    Vidkun Quisling
  151. This man argued in favor of the Two Penny Act and against James Maury in the Parson's Cause
    Patrick Henry
  152. The Battle of Modder River occurred in this war
    Boer War
  153. Charles Guiteau was part of this utopian community
    Oneida Community
  154. This man won the Battle of Yamazaki
    Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  155. This guy founded the Tang Dynasty
  156. This Empress ruled during the Tang Dynasty
    Wu Zetian
  157. This guy overthrew the Tang Dynasty and killed its last ruler
  158. This man was Jimmy Carter's Secretary of State
    Cyrus Vance
  159. Albion Tourgee defended the plaintiff in this case
    Plessy v Ferguson
  160. This king warred with the mythical king Macbeth
    Edward the Confessor
  161. This king married Edith of Wessex
    Edward the Confessor
  162. The plan in this event was to march to Jerusalem
    Nat Turner's Rebellion
  163. The Battle of Blunt's Farm occurred during this event
    Nat Turner's Rebellion
  164. The Battle of Cross Keys occurred during this event
    Nat Turner's Rebellion
  165. This Floridian city was originally a Huguenot settlement
  166. This case upheld Allgeyer v Louisiana
    Lochner v New York
  167. This case was upheld in Adkins v Childrens' Hospital
    Lochner v New York
  168. This king attempted to depose Hilderic
  169. This emperor won the Battle of Busta Gallorum
  170. Bill Ayers led this organization
    Weather Underground/SDS
  171. This war was ended by the Treaty of Karlowitz
    Great Turkish War
  172. The Battle of Slankamen occurred during this war
    Great Turkish War
  173. The Battle of Zenta occurred during this war
    Great Turkish War
  174. This guy's son Russell wrote an extension of Social Security to the disabled
    Huey Long
  175. This man chose his gubernatorial successor, OK Allen
    Huey Long
  176. This region was occupied by Britain in the Paulet Affair
  177. This action occurred in retaliation to the Battle of York
    Burning of Washington, DC
  178. Thomas Watson, Wharton Barker, and Ignatius Donnelly were nominated by this party
    Populist Party
  179. This American was spy for the US in China during WWII
    John Birch
  180. This ruler signed the Peace of Stolbovo
    Michael Romanov
  181. This ruler was captured from the Poles by Ivan Susanin
    Michael Romanov
  182. This ruler shared part of his reign with Filaret
    Michael Romanov
  183. This man captured the rebel Ivan Zarutskii
    Michael Romanov
  184. This war saw the first use of aerial warfare in the Americas
    Chaco War
  185. There were two battles at Fort Nanawa during this war
    Chaco War
  186. Daniel Salamanca commanded troops on one side during this war
    Chaco War
  187. The Eisenhower Doctrine authorized attacking Camille Chamoun in this country
  188. This Supreme Court case didn't allow Truman to break up a steel company
    Youngstown Sheet and Tube v Sawyer
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