51-75 top Qur'anic words

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  1. tawaba
    to repent, to turn
  2. kasaba
    to earn
  3. talawa
    to recite
  4. qaDaya
    to decree, to decide, to judge
  5. naSara
    to help
  6. Sabara
    to be patient
  7. jaraya
    to flow, to run
  8. massa
    to touch
  9. Daraba
    to strike, to set forth
  10. qawama
    to establish
  11. ba'atha
    to raise, to resurrect, to send
  12. Hayya
    to give life
  13. halaka
    to destroy
  14. faraya
    to invent
  15. jayada
    to increase
  16. 'aqala
    to understand, to reason
  17. kataba
    to write, to prescribe, to ordain
  18. Thanana
    to think, to assume, to guess
  19. shakara
    to be grateful, to give thanks
  20. nabaa
    to inform
  21. Hakama
    to judge
  22. wadhara
    to leave, to forsake
  23. Hasaba
    to think
  24. shahada
    to witness
  25. malaka
    to possess, to have power
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