Vocab Lessons 15 and 16

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  1. administration
    the giving of ; the distribution of
  2. animation
    the process or result of giving life or motion to
  3. apportion
    to measure out or assign something to different people, according to a plan
  4. concoct
    to make up or invent
  5. devise
    to create by arranging or inventing
  6. dogged
    stubbornly pursueing a goal
  7. endeavor
    to try or do something
  8. execute
    to do; to put into effect; to carry out
  9. reactivate
    to restore the ability to function; to make active again
  10. render
    to cause to become; make
  11. access
    to enter or make available
  12. cache
    a hidden supply of goods or valuables
  13. conspicuous
    noticeable; attracting attention
  14. elusive
    hard to grasp or capture
  15. inter
    to bury; to place in a grave
  16. intrigue
    to fascinate
  17. obscurity
  18. seclude
    to set apart; to hide from view
  19. unavailable
    not at hand or not capable of being gotten; not ready for use
  20. unearth
    to bring up out of the earth or from an unknown storage place; to uncover
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