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  1. What is the chemical equation for photosynthesis?
    6CO2 + 12H2O + light → C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O
  2. ______ is a pore, usually found in the leaf epidermis that is used for gas exchange. It is bordered by ______, a pair of specialized parenchyma cells responsible for regulating the size of the opening.
    • Stoma (singular) or Stomata (plural)
    • Guard Cells
  3. Chloroplasts are...
    • Organelles found in plant sells
    • Site of photosynthesis
  4. Dense, colorless fluid within the chloroplast. Site of conversion of carbon dioxide to sugar
  5. The ______ is the location of chloroplast DNA and chloroplast ribosomes
  6. Stroma vs Stoma
    • Stroma - Fluid within chlorpolast
    • Stoma - Singular for stomata (pores that allow CO2 in & O2 out)
  7. Thylakoid
    Flattened sac-like membranes compartment inside chloroplasts

    Site of the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis converting light energy to chemical energy
  8. Grana is...
    A dense layered stack of thylakoid sacs
  9. Chloroplast Structures
    Image Upload
  10. Chlorophyll
    • Green pigment in chloroplast
    • Absorbs light energy
  11. In photosynthesis, light reactions occur in the _______ while dark reactions occur in the _______
    • Grana (thylakoid stacks)
    • Stroma
  12. Water is delivered to the leaves from the roots through a ______ system
  13. The oxygen that plants give off comes from _______ and NOT from ______.

    Why is this? List the general chemical equation.
    from H2O and NOT CO2

    The light that is absorbed splits water into hydrogen and oxygen

    H2O + light energy ---> ½ O2 + 2H+ + 2 electrons
  14. The production of ATP using the energy of sunlight is called _____
  15. Light energy is converted to chemical energy in the form of which two compounds? What do they do?

    • NADPH
    • A source of electrons
    • Has "reducing power" that can be passed to an electron acceptor

    • ATP
    • Molecular energy currency of cells
  16. Light is a form of energy called _______ or ________
    • Electromagnetic Energy
    • Electromagnetic Radiation
  17. The distance between the crests of electromagnetic waves is called a
    wavelength (one word)
  18. Electromagnetic Spectrum is...
    The entire range of radiation
  19. Visible Light is defined as
    • A narrow band on the electromagnetic spectrum
    • 380 to 750 nm in wavelength
    • Can be detected as various colors by human eye
  20. A photon is
    • A particle
    • The quantum of light
    • Has no rest mass
    • Not tangible
  21. Substances that absorb light are

    Absorb all colors --> eye sees black
  22. Plants appear green because
    • Chlorophyll absorbs red, violet, & blue wavelengths
    • Reflects green wavelengths
  23. The ability of a pigment to absorb various wavelengths of light can be measured with an instrument called a
  24. A graph plotting a pigment's light absorption vs wavelength is called a(n)
    Absorption Spectrum
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