Language Unit D #12

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  1. accretion
    a growth in size, an increase in amount
  2. animus
    a feeling of animosity or ill will
  3. avuncular
    like an uncle in behavior, especially in kindness and warmth
  4. coagulate
    to clot; to cause to thicken
  5. disinterested
    fair-minded, unbiased
  6. euphemism
    an inoffensive and agreeable expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive
  7. flout
    to scorn, to disregard with contempt
  8. hiatus
    a gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity
  9. incorrigible
    incapable of being corrected or amended; difficult to control or manage
  10. macrocosm
    the whole universe; a large-scale reflection of a part of the greater world
  11. mores
    fixed customs or manners; moral attitudes
  12. opprobrious
    disgraceful, shameful
  13. patrician
  14. portentous
    foreshadowing, ominous; eliciting amazement and wonder
  15. replete
    abundantly supplied, complete
  16. seamy
    morally degraded, unpleasant
  17. strident
    loud, harsh, unpleasantly noisy
  18. thwart
    to block or prevent from happening; frustrate, defeat the hopes or aspirations of
  19. veritable
    being without question, often used figuratively
  20. yen
    a strong desire, craving
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