Geo 5 Chapter 14

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  1. Define throughflow.
    Water that is gradually flowing downhill thorugh grass.
  2. Channel flow has the ____ movement.
  3. What three things does water do?
    It erodes, transports, and deposits.
  4. What is the term for a river that weathers erodes the landscape?
  5. What is the term for a river that deposits sediment?
  6. What is an alluvial fan? When does it occur?
    A dry area where mud and debris flows. It occurs after a fire and a rainy season.
  7. How is river discharge calculated?
    By multiplying velocity and area.
  8. What happens if velocity increases?
    Area decreases.
  9. What happens to deltas that are diverted?
    They have no sediment, and get eroded away by waves.
  10. What causes mud and debris flows?
    Steep slopes, lack of vegetation, and loose materials.
  11. What is a graded stream?
    A river that carries just as much sediment as it can.
  12. Just as sediment is deposited, ______ renews the land
    tectonic activity
  13. What is an oxbow lake?
    A former meander that has been isolated from the rest of the river.
  14. Rivers cut in the _______, deposit at the _____.
    center; sides
  15. What is an antecedent stream?
    A stream that is just beginning.
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