MGMT 340 CH_15

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  1. key elements of organization structure
    • work specialization
    • departmentalization
    • chain of command
    • span of control
    • centralization and decentralization
    • formalization
  2. span of control
    the wider the span, the more efficient the organization
  3. common organizatinal designs
    • simple structure - horizontal
    • bureaucracy - vertical
    • matrix structure - horizontal and vertical
  4. simple structure
    an org structure characterized by a low degree of departmentalization, wide spans of control, authority centralized in a single person, and little formalization
  5. virtual organization
    • a small, core org that outsources major business function
    • highly centralized, with little or no departmentalization
  6. determinnants of an organization structure
    • strategy
    • organization size
    • technology
    • environment
  7. innovation strategy
    a strategy that emphasizes the introduction of major new products and services
  8. key dimensions to an organizational environment
    • capacity - the degree to which the environment can support growth
    • volatility - the degree of instability in the environment
    • complexity - the degree of heterogeneity and concentration among environmental elements
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